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Dec 15, 2008

This sunday unintentionally left me with a sense of empowerment, ask me why!

Eight in the night at Jayanagar, I parked my bike quickly when a person took his bike out. Well, so... what's the big deal you might want to ask. That I found my bike missing when I came back to the same place along with all other vehicles that were parked there is my main issue of contention.

No great story, traffic police had towed my bike off due to wrong parking. Here's where it all starts, I reached the police station to find my bike chained. As usual, started to think on lines of negotiations with the helper. I realised one thing, its not just the interest rates that are up these days, everything is. Even the god damm bribe, is non-negotiable. 

Don't know from which side the winds of change swayed across me, but it sure did something. All of a sudden , I got too critical of the helper and sweared at him in true 'Jab we met' style and walked into the police station to pay the fine of Rs. 300 which I found was a better option than warming the hands of the helper with Rs. 25o and that too without a bill.

I just can't get over the kind of feeling I went through. It was like a new stream of energy, an energy which is in its purest form of honesty, self-belief and contentment. 

I don't know too much of its source, but I want to believe, it came due to my decision of not wanting to be part of the same old vicious cycle of bribe & corruption. 

Anyways, I now know what it feels like to not be corrupt. Don't know if you would want to try it too.... 


We the (operations vertical) started to think about Tarkash'08 when Obama's speech was making the rounds. At that time, I was wondering if we would do something at all for this years Tarkash.

This was the time when Yogi, my vertical head messaged me asking "Listen, do you want to do Tarkash"? 

I replied to him saying, "Yogi, I won't take initiative this time due to personal reasons". That was then, and now is today after a day when Tarkash is done, which we pulled off superbly.

At this juncture, I am grateful to Gopi and Yogi for the kind of direction and the sense of purpose they showed. It would have been difficult if not for you guys.

Now, let me come to the core team of 'The King's Gambit'.
  • Nidhi - The lone representative of the female fraternity in our vertical. But rest assured, her way of working puts you totally at ease.
  • Karan - Dude has a smart way of doing things and getting them done.
  • Rakesh - Stalwart
  • Brijesh - Mr. Dependable
  • Narayan - Mr. Congeniality 
  • Anil - Buddy, you have lots of potential.
  • Anish - Silent Performer
  • Rahul - Smart chap, has a nack of doing the right things at the right time. Good team player.
  • Abhineet - Our IBS-B wright brother.
  • Sanjay - Urs Truly
Finally, we did have special appearances from our very own Rasya, Pooja, Bharti etc. I guess the latter two are very quickly assuming Rasya's mantle of 'Grilling Queen'.

All said and done, here's three cheers from me to the team of 'The King's Gambit'


Dec 1, 2008


Ever since I realised that Dec 1st is World AIDS Day i.e. from the last 5 or so years, have been wanting to spread awareness. I say wanting to because, there's not been much I've been able to do apart from sporting the red RIBBON on the day.

Last year I did get to watch a lot of movies with the theme of AIDS by which I should admit that my knowledge has fairly improved about the stigma, issues and misconceptions associated with AIDS.

The only way forward about eradicating this epidemic is to spread awareness whenever there is a chance. Today though, I couldn't do much as I was rather preoccupied and I don't feel good about hampering the progress of my so called AIDS knowledge curve that's pointing upwards. So now I'm left with no other choice but only being virtual about it. 

So friends please take up the cause of spreading awareness about AIDS in whatever capacity possible. 

Oct 27, 2008


I guess every passing year for sure makes us a little smarter and wise. No wonder, that we keep talking about turning eco-friendly with the way we celebrate Diwali.

But there is a thin line between celebrating and flaunting celebrations. I for one, in my house was the more eco-friendly wannabe and thus used to protest buying crackers and to trade them for apparels.

I might sound majorly jumbled in my thoughts along the post. One thing i am very clear about is that, festivals are meant find joys, peace of mind and a redemption of focus to chug on with life.
This i realise when I've not had to a chance to celebrate Diwali this year owing to my Grandpa's demise.

So instead of getting all smart and wise and not celebrating when there is a chance, I've understood that traditions are not born out of thin air and celebrating it brings a sense of rejuvenation to life.

How i wish Diwali and the crackers can be made noise-free! This way we celebrate the festival of lights in the way it ought to be. 'Sur-sur-bathi' (sparklers in Kannada) and flower pots make a good combination rather than noisy atom bombs. Come on... we've had so much bangs through out the year.. do we need to hear more?

All said and done I wish all of you a Joyous, prosperous, fun-filled and safe Diwali.


Oct 17, 2008

Railway Station Banter

Has it happened to you??
When you're off to drop your loved one,
Is there a tear that gets lined up one by one?
Do those misty eyes hold back something you want to say?
And you go on thinking, Say it Say it before time gets out of your way.
Has it happened to you? Oh, has it happened to you?

At the risk and of breaking away from my usual style here is a shot at penning a few lines hoping to make it sound like a poem.

I solicit your earnest comments.

Oct 8, 2008


Over the last few months, I've rather inadvertently come to know that life essentially is a circle.
This is especially true with the expenses that one has to bare, all the discounts, favours, reductions received all gets balanced out.

For many this might not be such a revelation, but for me after the M line on my hand has got temporarily disrupted due to my own decision, it's truly a revelation. Be it the case of getting a discount of certain sum on my bike or the discount on purchasing printer as an employee, everything in life gets balanced.

I had my share of this experience with me having to spend a good amount on my bike and also the printer.

Know what, I guess this is one place where knowing concepts of accountancy help. That every credit has a debit is so true in life too.

Well knowing myself, that i need spurts to spur me on. I hope this post will be an impetus to more....... So much more to write......


Sep 29, 2008

The Sem that was...

It all started with a bang, there was so much energy and it went unbelievably fast. So fast, that studies took a beating. I saw it coming, but could not do much about it due to the frenzy.

But there is absolutely no denying that there is a certain sense of learning, i've come to gain after the end of Sem 1 to be a good grader.

If i could list them, it would look like this
  1. Reduce sleep, extra curricular activities
  2. Networking when done intelligently, is only when it is beneficial.
  3. Read lots more.
  4. Maintain a low profile
  5. Have a cordial relationship with the faculty.
  6. Internal marks has a striking similarity to the salary appraisals. Salary/hikes are always negotiated, so are the internal marks. I guess it takes more than just an honest approach to gain marks. (Not that I did all it takes!!!)
  7. Image, sense of responsibility is immaterial when it comes to converting it to marks.
  8. Priorities and prioritizing are something that should begin very early in a manager's life.
  9. More.....
All said and done, all these have been learning's which I surely want to inculcate. But truly speaking, how much can one go against nature. It's like expecting Sehwag to play the whole day and make 60 runs just because the pitch is really tough.

I ain't comparing, its just my way of feeling good and filling self-enthusiasm, which could help me inculcate some if not all of my learning.

This time I'm not just hoping for it, but will go for it.

Stay Cheerful,

Aug 17, 2008

An Indian and proud to be one – 2

Unlike always I have decided not to speak about how it was, or how it felt.
This time I only want to share with you that it happened and was surreal experience.

The true reward for your work is when you hear that, “it was a job well done”.


Aug 3, 2008

Being part of the team organizing the whole event on the 15th of August, 2008 I was wondering if I could contribute in any other way possible. Organizing and coordinating an event is quite big a task and makes you lose focus on smaller but significant things that one can be part of, and I realized that penning down one’s thoughts is just that.

Last night I was actually thinking about what to write and mindlessly browsing through the TV Channels, when suddenly I noticed the names A.R. Rahman and Mani Ratnam. Bombay, one of my favorite movies was playing on one of the channels. I think it’s the umpteenth time I’ve watched it, still the sensitivity of the movie in capturing the message of unity and patriotism is just flabbergasting. By the end of it I’d got the all important dose of ‘enthusiasm’ to pen this article down.

At this moment my mind is caught in a sea of pictures that I came across during the recent serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Such cowardly attempts of creating unrest, panic and taking lives of innocent people has been going on since an unbelievably long time, be it in Mumbai, Hyderabad or the recent attack on Jaipur. But we have always shown the resolve to stand up and start walking again.
The issue of terrorism is a one that is affecting the world at large, but if only the developed countries could take a stern stance against it instead of spending resources on energy and religion centered politics, world might just turn terrorism free.

At this juncture when India has seen 60 splendid autumns and is on the verge of breaking barriers into the league of economic superpowers, I would like to rake this thought in you of reaffirming our roots and build the resolve to lead India into intriguing new horizons.

Every Republic and Independence Day, I am sure that there is a moment in all of our lives when we might have felt that one single chord that I N D I A strikes within.

Do we lend it an ear, is the big question though?

It is often said that we don’t say the essential things that ought to be said. And one such emotion that we have taken for granted is the feeling of oneness, pride of being an Indian. The pride of the diversity in culture, geography, historical heritage, and the struggle we have been through to see this day of freedom. So this Independence Day allow me and repeat along when I say “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN”.

This is exactly what we at IBS-Bangalore wish to vociferate in the PEACE MARCH on the 15th of August, near Café Coffee Day, Jayanagar 4th Block.

Come join us and help us with our unique initiative of spreading the right vibes of a rapidly developing INDIA.


Jun 27, 2008

Class of 2010 Officially Inaugurated

I started writing this post way back in June, it is one of those posts which never took off and remained in the drafts folder.

Looks like everything gets the right time, and so does this almost at the end of Semester-1. Quite an irony I still have to mention now that class of '2010 has been inaugurated officially and shortly will roll onto part-2.

Well what's delayed this post for so long ??
Between June and August till date, there has been so many events at School, that's almost left me breathless like Manthan, Fresher's party, Colosseum and now the peace walk along with numerous tests, exams and presentations of course.

In all, it's been drilling 2 months and will only get better.... with Semester end Exams and Tarkash - Inter collegiate business fest on the menu.
Meanwhile, thought of making this post carry some of the memoirs of the journey which include our group dance performance :-)

Guess that's pretty much of it for the time being.... until then...

Keep Rocking....

Jun 22, 2008

Introspection at most times, is referred as looking within to the decisions we've taken. But i guess too much of introspection when there hasn't been much change in the wavelength of how life is lead, makes it futile. It's about exploring the unknown. Yes, in all its true sense, I have been wading through unchartered territories with my MBA program giving me ample opportunities to find out my core competencies.

One of which is getting involved with the marketing forum of IBS-B.
The first Wednesday after the course began is when the marketing forum was announced and close to around 200 guys came under a roof with Mr. Sunil Pevekar our marketing instructor, it was totally a feeling of "where-am-i"? More so, when the class was dispersed with sub-groups being made and left to discuss amongst ourselves, it was total chaos.

Somehow, amidst this kind of chaos I managed to get into a position where I was heard and subsequently the representatives of the groups were formed. Although certain reasons made me disinterested in being part of this, i still clung on. And luckily for me the best part was pending, with our instructor opening the posts of President and Secretary for election.

Rest was probably destined to happen for me. I was elected president, Alka the Secretary and Suresh the Treasurer of the Marketing Forum amongst eight contestants. Three weeks into the job, I am just loving it :-).

Furthermore, the inaugurals of the class of 2010 is scheduled on the 27th of June, 2008 with the stage being open for all the sections to showcase their cultural might. Well this was one opportunity I didn't want to let go without trying my hands or legs at it. ;-)

What followed was a lot of brain storming among classmates and unfortunately not much transpired to my liking.
Auditions followed and our class, thanks to the meagre overall participation managed to get a dance event selected. On being ebbed by our counseling faculty now the class has shown better participation for the event.

And guess what, after dancing when I was in third grade, I have finally summoned the courage to dance on stage. If you're wondering if you heard me well, answer is you did.

With all this, there is one activity thats pending now. Studies!!! I don't think planning for it will help at this point with so many activities. A fine balance is what I wish to achieve.

Till the next post, Adios!!!

May 28, 2008

Tag-on … Shall we?

I’ve been facing a real dearth of things to write about. Thanks Neha for this open invite.

i am: Sanjaya Kadaba Srivatsan.
i think: too much or I don’t… really.
i know
: nothing about pyaar, ishq aur mohabbat.
i want: a balanced life and a beautiful wife.
i have: everything in me to make it big.

i wish: i had taken up the S.A.I offer during my 10th.
i hate: when I can’t make people happy.
i miss: my school days, my days at HP,
i fear: failure.
i feel: sleepy right now.
i hear: a dog barking.
i smell: wet jasmine creepers by my window.
i crave
: for a ‘masculine child’ for Don Corleone’s daughter’s first child. Well jokes apart, I crave for the best in life like all of us do. Nothing different here!
i search
: for something I don’t know about.
i wonder
: if I’ll fall in love and get married or the other way round.
i regret: few things… I’ve done.
i love
: when I get high on Floyd, and when I’m in the limelight.
i ache
: to see my loved ones ache.
i care
: about my folks.
i always
: believe in being positive and get going.
i am not
: a introvert.
i believe
: I’ll make it big one day.
i dance
: best, when I’m drunk.
i sing
: during Antyaksharis.
i cry
: when I feel tears are better shed than held.
i don’t always
: get topics to blog.
i fight
: these days with myself to shed laziness, weight etc….
i write
: since 20th Jan ’06 here.
i win
: for sure when I love doing what I do.
i lose
: my senses after 3-4-5 Bacardi's. Actually don’t know how many exactly though. Eternally confused with the peg system, you see.
i never
: believe in carrying today’s baggage tomorrow, be it hangovers or conflicts.
i confuse
: people when I am indecisive.
i listen
: when I have to, and I only listen.
i can usually be found
: at my home, college or with my friends.
i am scared:
of nothing.
i need
: 6-7 hours of sleep… alright 7-8 hours a day, An hour of work out in the gym, an outing once in 2 months, my friends pulling my leg big time and finally a soul mate soooooooooooon!!!
i am happy about
: how things have panned out for me until now.

Hey you guys Rj, Shamit, Maha, Sudeep, Shilpa, Rajib why not give it a shot?


May 12, 2008

A life well lived.... K.R. Rajan

Of late I have been caught up with a lot of things with the advent of my classes. All's well on that front. Meanwhile, a rather unfortunate event has taken place. My grandpa peacefully breathed his last on 4th May 08.

As I don't feel like making this post, an obituary for him, here are some sweet in-a-line memories that I shared with him ever since i gathered my senses. Thanks to Sham for the touching words of remembrance in the picture attached inline.

Numerous cricket matches on TV, Comparing biceps(He still had the cuts at 90+) after my work outs, getting him a hair cut and getting scolded by him for irritating him. Had a great memory and also a subtle way of reacting to people he didn't want to speak to. But the summary of the glorious past was always available for the few of us who pursued with our efforts.

Though sad that i would miss him, I am happy for him that he doesn't have to see the cruel world anymore.

Taata, may your soul rest in peace.

Apr 24, 2008

Some things that I would miss !!!

I have spoken enough about deciding to take a break to study MBA. It's time I thought to analyze what actually I will be missing out.
Since 18th April, until today it has only meant getting up without having to think about going to office. The recuperation time from my fever also meant I would stay put at home.

Things like:
  • Getting to office early in the morning in anticipation of mails and getting to know of the new tasks assigned or sometimes reworking on old tasks.
  • Waiting for the 10 am tea that the pantry boy would serve.
  • Chats with Muthu regarding markets, mutual funds, Syntel, HP etc.
  • Wishing hellos to the Anand, Shreya and Maha before whom I would be in office almost invariably.
  • 12pm means meeting Jitendra bhai , Tarun , Naveen, Muthu, Prasanna and others mostly to get ready for the 12.30 lunch meet.
  • Couple of Manikchand's for my friend and a lot of words for us constituted our post lunch sessions. Reviewing cars was an activity that was never missed by the group.
  • 3pm, pantry boy would wake us out of our slumbers only to get at bugs if the day, remaining tasks, reworks pending.
  • And invariably so all the releases were lined up at 6pm to be packaged, dry run and deliver to the release team which by rule happened only after 1opm.
  • Dinners after the long working hours, our many sessions at Aaranya, Navami and numerous other places used to be fun.
  • Stuff like these going on for a month or even more sometime.
  • You see from within the system, you get to know where it is all going, but unsure of where you are headed. You see from outside, you really know where you were headed.
  • But having said all that, after working 44 months one thing i will dearly miss is going to be the SMS at the end of month.
  • When i now talk to my friends, maybe my views will now be interpreted again as that of a student.
  • And most importantly what is it that a student's life will bring on.....
I shall blog about them all ......


Mar 30, 2008

Life these days...

Flash Back: 24-05-2007

Mr. K: "Why change now if you are planning to do full time MBA. Quit from here and join the college when you have to."

Me: Yea true. But you know. It had got so monotonous. Wouldn't have changed ...... but.

That was my penultimate day in HP and I was speaking to my Practice head.
Sometime in the June 2007, when the temperature only got hot and hotter in Delhi.

Me: Does the role Associate Consultant mandate me to do all this.
Mr. S: Yes, What do you think ??

Me: Well business analysis is something i like to do.
Mr. S: Sanjaya, do you have an MBA?

Me: I don't, but i intend to have one and also have started planning for it.
Mr. S: What happened, wrong mapping of skill sets or something like that?

Me: I don't know about that, but this is not something i like to do.
Mr. S: Sanjaya, don't worry I will send you to Bangalore. Don't think about it too much !

My discussion with my TM in Wipro.
February 10th 2008, Hyderabad.

Interviewer 1 on seeing my profile: Now, you have almost 4 years of experience in IT and you are doing pretty well. Then why crossover now?
Me: Sir, doing an MBA after putting in some quality years at work has always been my goal.

Interviewer1: But you know, not everyone maybe paying you the amount you expect.
Me: Sir, its not only about money, its about the roles i would be playing post my MBA. Business Analysis and Research are the fields I would see myself growing in, and later find the entrepreneur streak in me. Hence MBA is the right impetus for me at this stage of my career.

Interveiwer1: :-)

Interviewer2: So what are your hobbies?
Me: Reading, travelling, playing etc.

Interviewer2: Which is your latest read?
Me: Fountainhead, now with Atlas Shrugged by Ayn rand.

Interviewer2: So you have a blog?
Me: Yes, I do.

Interviewer2: What is it called?

Interviewer2: Why is it called so?
Me: During those days I used to workout often.

Interviewer2: :-)

Same day evening got to know that I was through to Icfai Business School, Bangalore.
Those were mixed emotions as i recall. Sorrow of not having made to Hyderabad and Joys to know about parents feeling it great that I would be based out of Bangalore.

On the hindsight, I am now too.

March 17th 2008, Bangalore

This is to bring to your kind notice that I would like to tender resignation from my duties effective today. I intend to pursue my higher studies and hence wish to be relieved from my duties on April 18th 2008 with this considered as my last working day in Wipro.


Enough Said, I am waiting for May 1st, when I will be a student all over again

Wish me luck, Sanju

Mar 9, 2008

Why... Why not??

We often ask 'Why this, Why that' on every given chance. Of Course its a good thing to ask questions, but these often lead to further questions. What is the point, when these questions pile up and add to your mystery of answering them all.

There are times in life when you got to ask the same questions differently.
Something like:

Why this? : Why not this?
How would it be?: Let's see how this turns out to be?
Why now?: If not now, then when ?

Of course, having said that it becomes supremely important to understand the context of the situation, limitations, resources available and also working within constraints. Though brave the answers may seem, there is a certain logical coherence to it all, and listening to the heart in these matters more often than not show us the right path forward.

Hoping to make it more abstract.....

Feb 7, 2008

Maa Tujhe Salaam!!!

Don't know about others, but I guess I don't acknowledge the person I should the most for whatever I am today.
Mom, I love you. It is because of your sacrifices, that I am on this blessed path.

Yeah, it's one thing to love and another thing, not to express your emotions.Of course, doing it over your personal space is the not best option you could go for. But since mom is sleeping right now and I did not want to let go of this emotion, it comes here.

Recently L.K. Advani's statement on Taare Zameen Par, made it to national headlines. I think even without he having uttered what he did, this song would have done that. It surely moved me into tears.
Kudos to Aamir 'the-ace' Khan and the team.