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Feb 14, 2015

Néen Oru Kaadal Sangeetam

Ever wondered how a song you hear on the radio, see on television seems to perfectly what you are going through in life.. No, None ? Hmm.. Do give it a thought, you'll probably realize a tune, some lyrics seem exactly cut of some situation in your life and present itself in the form of music.

Well, now why this thought suddenly after 1 year and 3 months since my last post. Hmm, I can say it in short and finish. But then, that's not my style here. 

There are times when life sweeps you off your feet, when priorities change more often than changing outfits and when the bells ring. Ghanti, Dil waali yaar.. Wedding bells!  

Don't start off now, saying, "Ah, look there goes one more guy who changed after marriage". The hiatus from blogging is attributed more to the pressures of work and lesser to the pleasures of laziness, which you may want to call "marital bliss". 

Coming back to the point, the title of this blog post - 'Neen Oru kaadal Sangeetham', a famous track from Mani Rathnam's "Nayagan" is the song that seems to be playing non-stop in my mind. It literally means you are a love song. I always thought when I'd meet my to-be wife, it would be some psychedelic Pink Floyd number that would play in the background in my mind, contrarily meeting her felt nothing short of a beautiful sonnet Ilayaraja would score music for, hence the title. The feeling felt so natural and smooth, that we never realized we were falling in love. 

Our wedding Invitation
For me the feeling of loving, being loved has always been some sort of music, which turned out sad many a times, but this time happy, very happy.  Energy levels suddenly surged, time became a premium, and the surroundings blurred like it does when you use a camera lens with a F-value of 1.4 or lesser. (Agreed, that was a bad one). But then that's what love does to you, makes your heart go wild and head crazy. 

The fact that I'm writing about this feeling should be proof enough to indicate how well the cupid succeeded when he struck me with his bow, which had my wife's name written on it.

@Wifey, Cheesy-Max eh ? Guess this is pretty much, the long and short of the post. 

Dedicated to My Love - The Missus