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Oct 27, 2008


I guess every passing year for sure makes us a little smarter and wise. No wonder, that we keep talking about turning eco-friendly with the way we celebrate Diwali.

But there is a thin line between celebrating and flaunting celebrations. I for one, in my house was the more eco-friendly wannabe and thus used to protest buying crackers and to trade them for apparels.

I might sound majorly jumbled in my thoughts along the post. One thing i am very clear about is that, festivals are meant find joys, peace of mind and a redemption of focus to chug on with life.
This i realise when I've not had to a chance to celebrate Diwali this year owing to my Grandpa's demise.

So instead of getting all smart and wise and not celebrating when there is a chance, I've understood that traditions are not born out of thin air and celebrating it brings a sense of rejuvenation to life.

How i wish Diwali and the crackers can be made noise-free! This way we celebrate the festival of lights in the way it ought to be. 'Sur-sur-bathi' (sparklers in Kannada) and flower pots make a good combination rather than noisy atom bombs. Come on... we've had so much bangs through out the year.. do we need to hear more?

All said and done I wish all of you a Joyous, prosperous, fun-filled and safe Diwali.


Oct 17, 2008

Railway Station Banter

Has it happened to you??
When you're off to drop your loved one,
Is there a tear that gets lined up one by one?
Do those misty eyes hold back something you want to say?
And you go on thinking, Say it Say it before time gets out of your way.
Has it happened to you? Oh, has it happened to you?

At the risk and of breaking away from my usual style here is a shot at penning a few lines hoping to make it sound like a poem.

I solicit your earnest comments.

Oct 8, 2008


Over the last few months, I've rather inadvertently come to know that life essentially is a circle.
This is especially true with the expenses that one has to bare, all the discounts, favours, reductions received all gets balanced out.

For many this might not be such a revelation, but for me after the M line on my hand has got temporarily disrupted due to my own decision, it's truly a revelation. Be it the case of getting a discount of certain sum on my bike or the discount on purchasing printer as an employee, everything in life gets balanced.

I had my share of this experience with me having to spend a good amount on my bike and also the printer.

Know what, I guess this is one place where knowing concepts of accountancy help. That every credit has a debit is so true in life too.

Well knowing myself, that i need spurts to spur me on. I hope this post will be an impetus to more....... So much more to write......