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May 28, 2008

Tag-on … Shall we?

I’ve been facing a real dearth of things to write about. Thanks Neha for this open invite.

i am: Sanjaya Kadaba Srivatsan.
i think: too much or I don’t… really.
i know
: nothing about pyaar, ishq aur mohabbat.
i want: a balanced life and a beautiful wife.
i have: everything in me to make it big.

i wish: i had taken up the S.A.I offer during my 10th.
i hate: when I can’t make people happy.
i miss: my school days, my days at HP,
i fear: failure.
i feel: sleepy right now.
i hear: a dog barking.
i smell: wet jasmine creepers by my window.
i crave
: for a ‘masculine child’ for Don Corleone’s daughter’s first child. Well jokes apart, I crave for the best in life like all of us do. Nothing different here!
i search
: for something I don’t know about.
i wonder
: if I’ll fall in love and get married or the other way round.
i regret: few things… I’ve done.
i love
: when I get high on Floyd, and when I’m in the limelight.
i ache
: to see my loved ones ache.
i care
: about my folks.
i always
: believe in being positive and get going.
i am not
: a introvert.
i believe
: I’ll make it big one day.
i dance
: best, when I’m drunk.
i sing
: during Antyaksharis.
i cry
: when I feel tears are better shed than held.
i don’t always
: get topics to blog.
i fight
: these days with myself to shed laziness, weight etc….
i write
: since 20th Jan ’06 here.
i win
: for sure when I love doing what I do.
i lose
: my senses after 3-4-5 Bacardi's. Actually don’t know how many exactly though. Eternally confused with the peg system, you see.
i never
: believe in carrying today’s baggage tomorrow, be it hangovers or conflicts.
i confuse
: people when I am indecisive.
i listen
: when I have to, and I only listen.
i can usually be found
: at my home, college or with my friends.
i am scared:
of nothing.
i need
: 6-7 hours of sleep… alright 7-8 hours a day, An hour of work out in the gym, an outing once in 2 months, my friends pulling my leg big time and finally a soul mate soooooooooooon!!!
i am happy about
: how things have panned out for me until now.

Hey you guys Rj, Shamit, Maha, Sudeep, Shilpa, Rajib why not give it a shot?



worldthrumyeyes said...

Hey thats a nice one :)

Sanju said...

Thank you Neha. :-)

Sudeep said...

[i win: for sure when I love doing what I do.] You never really loved Table Tennis. Did you ? :D

Hi Dude... Long time..It was nice to see your comment. I gather that you are doing ( will be doing?) an mba degree. Good luk with that buddy. How
is life in general man?

Sanju said...

Eeiks, Thanks for reminding me about TT, which is something i really enjoy. You should have a hit against me now :-), I'm in good hitting form.

Yea, have started with my MBA now and will pass out in '10. About life will spk to u soon.

rj said...


I need to do this tag now? :(
I needed some topic to right about anyways... :)

Raj said...

Got to know some more about you and thanks Sanju for the pointer. I completed my stuff too. Happy blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hey sanjay....Like all ur blog entries...This is an interesting one too...Keep going!!!!! :-)


Shweta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shweta said...

I dont always: meet strangers & see them turning into gd frens.
Itz been nice knowing you :o)
Stay the same buddy! Ur doing FANTASTIC!

Nishi said...

Gud 1......!!!!!!
A good way to know u more...!!!!