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Apr 24, 2008

Some things that I would miss !!!

I have spoken enough about deciding to take a break to study MBA. It's time I thought to analyze what actually I will be missing out.
Since 18th April, until today it has only meant getting up without having to think about going to office. The recuperation time from my fever also meant I would stay put at home.

Things like:
  • Getting to office early in the morning in anticipation of mails and getting to know of the new tasks assigned or sometimes reworking on old tasks.
  • Waiting for the 10 am tea that the pantry boy would serve.
  • Chats with Muthu regarding markets, mutual funds, Syntel, HP etc.
  • Wishing hellos to the Anand, Shreya and Maha before whom I would be in office almost invariably.
  • 12pm means meeting Jitendra bhai , Tarun , Naveen, Muthu, Prasanna and others mostly to get ready for the 12.30 lunch meet.
  • Couple of Manikchand's for my friend and a lot of words for us constituted our post lunch sessions. Reviewing cars was an activity that was never missed by the group.
  • 3pm, pantry boy would wake us out of our slumbers only to get at bugs if the day, remaining tasks, reworks pending.
  • And invariably so all the releases were lined up at 6pm to be packaged, dry run and deliver to the release team which by rule happened only after 1opm.
  • Dinners after the long working hours, our many sessions at Aaranya, Navami and numerous other places used to be fun.
  • Stuff like these going on for a month or even more sometime.
  • You see from within the system, you get to know where it is all going, but unsure of where you are headed. You see from outside, you really know where you were headed.
  • But having said all that, after working 44 months one thing i will dearly miss is going to be the SMS at the end of month.
  • When i now talk to my friends, maybe my views will now be interpreted again as that of a student.
  • And most importantly what is it that a student's life will bring on.....
I shall blog about them all ......