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Oct 26, 2010

Of a few mixed thoughts

It's raining realty all across. By all the chugging along with my friend here and there for the purpose of his apartment, and all the calls I was getting at home for my uncles apartment, one thing is for sure. Man still yearns for his 'Do Bheega Zameen' be it in whatever shape. Don't know if its due to all the reality shows, lakhs seem like pennies and paisas. I don't know if i might feel the same urge to buy property in case i was working in a city which wasn't my hometown or maybe it's just the fact that we have a home. Looking at the mad rush and all the hustle bustle of life I sometimes feel, I am so lucky to be in the second category. But then, there is this lurking  feeling of 'Am i going to be left out'.

7 months ago, when i was this MBA wanting to be assume consulting positions in an MNC the word consulting had a lofty meaning. 6 months hence this feeling has not changed, but has started assuming different meanings in the professional life. As far as what i know in India consultant is one who charges 8 hours to the client while striving for 12-14 hours a day to complete work that can be done by 2 people in lesser time and doesn't even get to charge the hours spent. It is also dawning at this point in time, that MBA surely helps in one aspect. The grind helps set the platform for the real grinding we face professionally.

Another aspiration of fresh MBA grads are to be in positions of client interfacing roles. And consultants are surely at the forefront of this particular area. Yes, we do meet a lot of people everyday. So what ? A question needs to be asked here by everyone who fits in the above scenario. Am sure everyone knows the answer, and are constantly contemplating towards how best one can depict the same.
"What is different in you that makes people you meet, meet you more often than those others?"
In other news, there is a major facet of human behavior that i want to talk about, but I'll save it for the next post since I'm in a very reactionary mode for me to be rationale about it. Also, after almost close to a year I am taking a vacation which can be considered a real vacation, because essentially all those weekends out of Bangalore didn't qualify. Will write more about this too...

On that note of hoping for a wonderful vacation let me wish you all a wonderful Diwali and hope you all have a terrific time leading upto the new year. In auditing terms, the wishes shall be renewed post the new year.


Oct 6, 2010

Of cricketing highs

There are few and far instances when absolute thriller of a cricket match presents itself. There are some images that immediately come rushing to my mind.

  • Sachin Raising a sandstorm in sharjhah in the mid 90s.
  • Javagal Srinath and Anil Kumble taking us to victory someday during navarathri.
  • Yuvraj And Kaif put up that magical partnership to shut Naser Hussain up in Lords.
  • And of course, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman creating the miracle at the Eden in 2001.

Today when Ishant and Laxman made a game of what seemed to be yet an other procession of sorts, the scenes around me in the usually glum seeming cafeteria were hysterical. 

Thank you VVS, that indeed was Very very special.