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Dec 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hola 2013

This new year's eve, a friend had this thought of how big 2012 was for him. While it wasn't a question I had to answer, it surely brought up a few thoughts in my mind.

When it came it surely was big for me, for it was taking 2011 away from me. It brought with it, things I hadn't imagined would come along. For instance I would always remember 2012, for the first professional abroad assignment in my career. Got to visit Philippines for a short duration of 7 days and London for a comparatively longer duration of 45 days. Work provided me a lot of professional challenges, learnings and some rewards with it. 

Above all 2012 gave me time, patience and perspective. Time, which i was critically wishing would come by and heal my wounds, patience that told me things will get better with time and in the midst of all this, a perspective of life in general. And having one with a positive outlook in life is something that definitely comes with time and a lot of patience. Guess I can say so, as a lot of time is elapsing and patience luckily isn't running out, helps when it is not an option though.

2012 was memorable for many of my friends, many of them bit the bullet and got hitched. Many others are still on the bullet :) On that rather silly note here's wishing you all a beautiful 2013.


Dec 13, 2012

London dairies-3: Pre Christmas Days

My Penultimate week in London and it couldn't have been any more untimely. There is an air of festivity permeating everywhere. Beautifully lit up trees, artificially setup but naturally looking ice rinks, winter fairs with screaming children,giant wheels, merry-go-rounds, little stalls selling wines, waffles and wax candles. 

At the Oxford Circus
At HARRODS, the UB city of London so to say.

At Hays Galleria near More London Place.

The Shard, in the background. Some sights are just to behold with the naked eye. Amazing hues  !!!
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy new year. I know its a tad too early, but then it's my last day here today. Thanks for the all the memories London. It was good to meet you.