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Nov 6, 2012

London dairies - 2: Skyfall the IMAX experience

Have always been a movie buff and when I realized skyfall was releasing in the first week of my stay at London, was secretly thrilled. Not so much because of the movie, but because of where I would be viewing it: IMAX

Not that India doesn't have one, but it feels so amazing when an opportunity presents itself and you are there to take it up. Things fell into place like it always does when you least plan for them.

With a show starting at 12am in the morning, it was a few firsts for me alright. First time at IMAX, first time a movie started with an announcer making an announcement before beginning of the screening, first time a movie this hour of the day and first bond movie in a movie hall. Yea! Really.

And the rest of it was pretty much speechless, partly due to the wow experience of viewing it in an ambience there was at the BFI London IMAX and partly due to the time of the day where my sleeping sense started to kick in ever so potently. Movie was okay... No great expectations, hence no disappointment.