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Oct 8, 2008


Over the last few months, I've rather inadvertently come to know that life essentially is a circle.
This is especially true with the expenses that one has to bare, all the discounts, favours, reductions received all gets balanced out.

For many this might not be such a revelation, but for me after the M line on my hand has got temporarily disrupted due to my own decision, it's truly a revelation. Be it the case of getting a discount of certain sum on my bike or the discount on purchasing printer as an employee, everything in life gets balanced.

I had my share of this experience with me having to spend a good amount on my bike and also the printer.

Know what, I guess this is one place where knowing concepts of accountancy help. That every credit has a debit is so true in life too.

Well knowing myself, that i need spurts to spur me on. I hope this post will be an impetus to more....... So much more to write......



infallible-mistake said...

hey sanjay!..
seems u've done ur accountacy quite well..haan!...or is it the impact of the teacher!..[;)]

Sanju said...

Ha ha .. we will see ... about that when they ought to be dealt with. Some things should never be pre-empted :)

Pradeep Bharadwaj said...

correct maga..!! opposite values are always complementary... peace and terrorism... light and darkness.. and as you say... debit and credit..! :)