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Dec 1, 2008


Ever since I realised that Dec 1st is World AIDS Day i.e. from the last 5 or so years, have been wanting to spread awareness. I say wanting to because, there's not been much I've been able to do apart from sporting the red RIBBON on the day.

Last year I did get to watch a lot of movies with the theme of AIDS by which I should admit that my knowledge has fairly improved about the stigma, issues and misconceptions associated with AIDS.

The only way forward about eradicating this epidemic is to spread awareness whenever there is a chance. Today though, I couldn't do much as I was rather preoccupied and I don't feel good about hampering the progress of my so called AIDS knowledge curve that's pointing upwards. So now I'm left with no other choice but only being virtual about it. 

So friends please take up the cause of spreading awareness about AIDS in whatever capacity possible. 


mukul said...

hi sanju baba,you projected well your viewpoint on the burning issue AIDS.don't feel that we can help eradicating AIDS.that's true we all are preoccupied with something but even we can contribute a lot.i think blogging can be one part of that.let's talk and envolve all...