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Feb 20, 2009

Yearning for Floyd

Have been watching videos of Pink Floyd from the past 2 hours continuously, don't know why I am, frankly speaking I don't need a reason anyways to watch Floyd.

It’s now been close to 10 years since I've been sharing my highs and lows with Floyd. There are probably umpteen factors, that Pink Floyd has in it to attract and keep me captivated. I've never really ventured to know more about the actual story about how, why and when they decided to part ways. Never actually felt I should, as just their music was good enough.

Guess, yesterday night was destined for this when I arbitrarily started viewing videos one after the other and more. Very fact that Floyd is not like other rock n roll bands to whom drugs, alcohol is a major factor in Pink Floyd having such a long lasting loyal fan base I guess, of course not to mention the musical brilliance. Having said that I do understand that at some point of time, psychedelic music was used as stairway for drug peddlers and misguided youth generation at large. The point is Floyd went high on producing the kind of music they did and this high percolated into their listeners in various forms. 

Us, ordinary people and them extra ordinary men. Ego, everyone has this and when we talk about creative geniuses like Roger Waters and David Gilmour, them not having it will be a pleasant surprise. Anyways one desire like some other hundred thousands of them will be to see them all live in a concert sometime. I so hope the reunion happens and fans round the world get to see them once again, before the band becomes totally defunct.

Until then like Roger says, 

"You can bet The Dark Side of the Moon will still be on the charts."

Keep Rocking

Feb 16, 2009

Feb 13th when the clock had just ticked 23:57, Akhil called up to wish me Happy Birthday. He sure flagged off a day that held so much for me, now when I look back.

Turning 25 makes people think differently about various things. But a sad feeling of growing older is one commonality in all this variety.

Well, it was definitely memorable as it turned out for me.

Birthdays are usually meant to be memorable and eventful in some way or another. However over the last few years (can't remember since when), one thing I absolutely cherish about my birthday is the fact that Mom wakes me up with a kiss on my foreheadJ and dad always manages to wish and shake hands when I'm still not completely awake.

Thinking about the proceedings of the day, wondering what made it memorable, let me take you back to Thursday, Feb 12th.

I get this stupendously written e-mail from a lady 'Neeta Parikh', about how she found my profile online and how she just couldn't keep herself from writing in to me. Some 3-4 mails exchanged and I was up and running, psyching myself to believe that I would soon be rendezvousing with the chic girl.

The mails written to me in this regard seemed so genuine and I thought the fallacy of blind dating, might after all be not really false. If it was only the mails, then the conversation would've never grown, the g-chat session proved a winner for the connivers.

The stage was set for a show down on 15th Feb, the Sunday over Thursday's chat session just before the EOD. Friday created new tensions for Neeta Parikh, which made it difficult for her to meet me on Sunday, and she advanced the meeting to Saturday the 14th February. Like anybody who would have fallen for smooth talk/chat, I did too and agreed to spend some time on my Birthday. 

Also the picture helped them in a really big way for their plot.

Considering the fact that Neeta who was doing her fulltime MBA from NY, originally from Indore, vacationing in Bangalore staying at Koramangala, FORUM Mall was mutually agreed upon as the place where we would meet. How considerate I was … sob sob :( !!!

Panning back to the day, answering wishes on phone, and in parallel storing all the contacts on my cell phone was the order of the day. Of course I was majorly helped by my Laptop, which had the recently synched version of the whole contact list from my stolen N72 phone.

By 2PM I reached Forum and waited for her to show up in front of McDonald's as decided, show up … well the girl in the center didn't, these all sure did. 

The main conspirers in bold, and the rest able accomplices!

From L to R: Yogi, Sangeeta, Umashankar,Shweta, Adarsh and Vinay. 

What followed next is anybody's guess. At 25 years and 14 hours, i was bakra :P

Would love to thank each one of you who made my day so special! I guess Valentine's Day for people like me; will always be this way with so many beautiful people around.



Feb 9, 2009

A predicament alright - Part II
"Never have i won a lottery, nor have got a chest of wealth.
Then why all of this mockery, making me run from length to breadth.
Never have i bargained for what I pay, nor did make any seller's day miserable.
What then might be the reason for such a dismay? Is this all fair and noble?

Neither a poem nor a prose, It's something I'm thinking,
Something I earned and for sure I will again, I hear my mind saying.
I don't feel robbed, while i have the right to feel so,
Like when I try to recite and make this piece of **** sound like a poem-or-so"