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Oct 27, 2008


I guess every passing year for sure makes us a little smarter and wise. No wonder, that we keep talking about turning eco-friendly with the way we celebrate Diwali.

But there is a thin line between celebrating and flaunting celebrations. I for one, in my house was the more eco-friendly wannabe and thus used to protest buying crackers and to trade them for apparels.

I might sound majorly jumbled in my thoughts along the post. One thing i am very clear about is that, festivals are meant find joys, peace of mind and a redemption of focus to chug on with life.
This i realise when I've not had to a chance to celebrate Diwali this year owing to my Grandpa's demise.

So instead of getting all smart and wise and not celebrating when there is a chance, I've understood that traditions are not born out of thin air and celebrating it brings a sense of rejuvenation to life.

How i wish Diwali and the crackers can be made noise-free! This way we celebrate the festival of lights in the way it ought to be. 'Sur-sur-bathi' (sparklers in Kannada) and flower pots make a good combination rather than noisy atom bombs. Come on... we've had so much bangs through out the year.. do we need to hear more?

All said and done I wish all of you a Joyous, prosperous, fun-filled and safe Diwali.