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May 28, 2008

Tag-on … Shall we?

I’ve been facing a real dearth of things to write about. Thanks Neha for this open invite.

i am: Sanjaya Kadaba Srivatsan.
i think: too much or I don’t… really.
i know
: nothing about pyaar, ishq aur mohabbat.
i want: a balanced life and a beautiful wife.
i have: everything in me to make it big.

i wish: i had taken up the S.A.I offer during my 10th.
i hate: when I can’t make people happy.
i miss: my school days, my days at HP,
i fear: failure.
i feel: sleepy right now.
i hear: a dog barking.
i smell: wet jasmine creepers by my window.
i crave
: for a ‘masculine child’ for Don Corleone’s daughter’s first child. Well jokes apart, I crave for the best in life like all of us do. Nothing different here!
i search
: for something I don’t know about.
i wonder
: if I’ll fall in love and get married or the other way round.
i regret: few things… I’ve done.
i love
: when I get high on Floyd, and when I’m in the limelight.
i ache
: to see my loved ones ache.
i care
: about my folks.
i always
: believe in being positive and get going.
i am not
: a introvert.
i believe
: I’ll make it big one day.
i dance
: best, when I’m drunk.
i sing
: during Antyaksharis.
i cry
: when I feel tears are better shed than held.
i don’t always
: get topics to blog.
i fight
: these days with myself to shed laziness, weight etc….
i write
: since 20th Jan ’06 here.
i win
: for sure when I love doing what I do.
i lose
: my senses after 3-4-5 Bacardi's. Actually don’t know how many exactly though. Eternally confused with the peg system, you see.
i never
: believe in carrying today’s baggage tomorrow, be it hangovers or conflicts.
i confuse
: people when I am indecisive.
i listen
: when I have to, and I only listen.
i can usually be found
: at my home, college or with my friends.
i am scared:
of nothing.
i need
: 6-7 hours of sleep… alright 7-8 hours a day, An hour of work out in the gym, an outing once in 2 months, my friends pulling my leg big time and finally a soul mate soooooooooooon!!!
i am happy about
: how things have panned out for me until now.

Hey you guys Rj, Shamit, Maha, Sudeep, Shilpa, Rajib why not give it a shot?


May 12, 2008

A life well lived.... K.R. Rajan

Of late I have been caught up with a lot of things with the advent of my classes. All's well on that front. Meanwhile, a rather unfortunate event has taken place. My grandpa peacefully breathed his last on 4th May 08.

As I don't feel like making this post, an obituary for him, here are some sweet in-a-line memories that I shared with him ever since i gathered my senses. Thanks to Sham for the touching words of remembrance in the picture attached inline.

Numerous cricket matches on TV, Comparing biceps(He still had the cuts at 90+) after my work outs, getting him a hair cut and getting scolded by him for irritating him. Had a great memory and also a subtle way of reacting to people he didn't want to speak to. But the summary of the glorious past was always available for the few of us who pursued with our efforts.

Though sad that i would miss him, I am happy for him that he doesn't have to see the cruel world anymore.

Taata, may your soul rest in peace.