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Jun 27, 2008

Class of 2010 Officially Inaugurated

I started writing this post way back in June, it is one of those posts which never took off and remained in the drafts folder.

Looks like everything gets the right time, and so does this almost at the end of Semester-1. Quite an irony I still have to mention now that class of '2010 has been inaugurated officially and shortly will roll onto part-2.

Well what's delayed this post for so long ??
Between June and August till date, there has been so many events at School, that's almost left me breathless like Manthan, Fresher's party, Colosseum and now the peace walk along with numerous tests, exams and presentations of course.

In all, it's been drilling 2 months and will only get better.... with Semester end Exams and Tarkash - Inter collegiate business fest on the menu.
Meanwhile, thought of making this post carry some of the memoirs of the journey which include our group dance performance :-)

Guess that's pretty much of it for the time being.... until then...

Keep Rocking....