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Nov 15, 2006

Life's Caricature !!!

Recently I was faced with a situation that many if you might have come across. Yea... the usual childhood crushes and romances... thing.

We have all had infatuations, crushes some which get turned into full blooded romances and some that don't. I passed this phase too, with my attempts largely falling under the later part.

I am a great believer that everything happens for a cause, was evident when i found the caricature artist convey this message to me with my caricature.

And the next day I hear one after the other, that all of them thus involved in my life, have got or are getting married. Thinking about it now, when i have remained away from the crush syndrome for a while now, I can only laugh heartily and wish them all the luck for their big step. As for me I think on.... "for sure this ain't happenin for me"!!!