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Dec 15, 2008

We the (operations vertical) started to think about Tarkash'08 when Obama's speech was making the rounds. At that time, I was wondering if we would do something at all for this years Tarkash.

This was the time when Yogi, my vertical head messaged me asking "Listen, do you want to do Tarkash"? 

I replied to him saying, "Yogi, I won't take initiative this time due to personal reasons". That was then, and now is today after a day when Tarkash is done, which we pulled off superbly.

At this juncture, I am grateful to Gopi and Yogi for the kind of direction and the sense of purpose they showed. It would have been difficult if not for you guys.

Now, let me come to the core team of 'The King's Gambit'.
  • Nidhi - The lone representative of the female fraternity in our vertical. But rest assured, her way of working puts you totally at ease.
  • Karan - Dude has a smart way of doing things and getting them done.
  • Rakesh - Stalwart
  • Brijesh - Mr. Dependable
  • Narayan - Mr. Congeniality 
  • Anil - Buddy, you have lots of potential.
  • Anish - Silent Performer
  • Rahul - Smart chap, has a nack of doing the right things at the right time. Good team player.
  • Abhineet - Our IBS-B wright brother.
  • Sanjay - Urs Truly
Finally, we did have special appearances from our very own Rasya, Pooja, Bharti etc. I guess the latter two are very quickly assuming Rasya's mantle of 'Grilling Queen'.

All said and done, here's three cheers from me to the team of 'The King's Gambit'