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Jul 16, 2012


5.30AM: Woke up from some side of the bed ;) not that i have two sides, just that I decide to put my head in different directions.
5.45AM: Ghaaannnnnn... Ghaaannnnnn... Ghaaannnnnn... Ghaaannnnnn... That's how my alarm sounds! And its titled 'swimming time'.
7.30AM: It's time for my glassful of Boost after the tiring swimming class.
8.45AM: After flipping through 'The Hindu' I am all ready and geared up for the important day ahead.
9AM: I'm on my Royal Enfield all ready, and thumping to go. (You see with a Royal Enfield, its never raring to go, it's always thumping to go)
9.45AM: 9 kms hence, almost close to Silk board, and snap goes the accelerator wire of my Enfield. And when it did, i suddenly ceased to move, and a fellow biker, couldn't be patient enough or be empathetic and thought he could chug along not withstanding my little finger on the leg. After successfully showing my middle finger on the hand to him, i started retracing back towards the interior areas around silk board. The quest was for a mechanic who could replace the accelerator cable. The push must've helped me loose some 500 calories easily before i could find a garage and he asked me to fetch a new cable. I parked my bike and started my quest, walking for around 40 mins up and down to the garage losing 200 more calories, thanks to the laptop bag I'm equipped with.
11AM: The bike roars yet again, thanks to the sweat and blood of the mechanic, no really. Poor guy peeled of his hands while tightening the screws or doing something similar.
11.15AM: Finally reached the client location, all geared up for the much important meeting scheduled later in the day.
11.30AM: While the wait was on for the client to escort me in, it was now time for something more to go wrong. This time it were the stitches on the pant, and it was a No-Go situation. Gearing up all the situation readiness skills, bought some time from the client escort, went back on my way and landed up in Big Bazaar express.
12 PM: Who'd have thought of landing up in Big bazaar at this time of the day, unless it was one of those 'sabse-sasta-din' or whatever names they call it with, quickly picked up an other pant, wore it, paid for it and back i was at the client place again.
Rest of the day, well after so much that didn't go per plan, it wouldn't have been much of a surprise if the rest of the day didn't go well too, but then it did.
All through the day I displayed an unknown sense of patience and calm and realized, sometimes its best to leave things to unfold for you, because What-what-has-to-happenO-happenE-Happenu.