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Dec 28, 2011

A year that shouldn't have been

2011 was an year of dichotomy of emotions for me. An year that brought me together with my 91' Royal enfield and fiat Palio-my first car, A promotion at work. Unfortunately had the latter 2 come any earlier, it would've had a totally different significance.

Be that as it may, 2011 is an year that has basically been before June22nd-July 7th. World was still a beautiful rosy place with everything to look upto, when June 22nd brought a turmoil in the form of an accident that snatched away a pillar of my strength, my dad! 16 days of my life was spent sheer helplessness against HIS will. All I could do then was to pray, pray and finally ask GOD to have mercy on dad. Looks like God sought the easier way to do so and took him away. 6 months hence, I understand what it means to go into an absolute mute mode. A shell I'm now trying to break away from. 

Will I, won't I ? 

Honestly, I don't know and don't bother any longer. All I want to do now is to be the best son to my mom and a responsible brother to my sister. 

It's not about me anymore. Is it?