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Jun 27, 2009


Well well well, this is the most unique 50 that I can recollect. The cricket 50 never happened, considering I am a bowler who can bat and of course, I have no intentions of doubling my age and reach the milestone.

Talking about age, i had the shock of my life when I got my BMI ratio checked in the gym. I have always been into some kind of sport whenever I got a chance. But this time there was a surprise waiting for me in the figures that emerged out of the damned machine that outputs this BMI ratio. I need to do a lot more to reduce the percentage of fat content. You know it scares the shit out of you, when you have this figure so close to that of your age.

And of course, the next one you have to look for in these set of figures is something called metabolic age. Looking at the values that emerged, i am a little bemused, but all the more motivated to implement the correction plan I require. I would say definitely read quite a bit into it before it is too late. There may now be some credence to the saying
"You're only as old as you feel."
With hectic work schedules, and complex lifestyles it is only very easy to find a reason not to worry about them all. But then.. think, is it really so unworthy?

That set aside, Coming back to this little milestone of mine, I'm glad I waded through so many uncertain times amidst numerous paragraphs of unsure shaky lines. But then without these, I would'nt have reached this far.

At this juncture, my heartfelt thanks goes out to all my friends, blog-mates and numerous other people whom I might have directly or indirectly contacted to get some feedback on my blog. All your comments have served as the food for my thought. I will strive hard to improve the quality of all my future posts, I'll definitely try.

Anyways, I would love to hear from you...


Jun 19, 2009

Absolute Musings

Apart from the usual chaos surrounded with classes and my preparation for it, things happening around have been of utmost importance in terms of what I want to call, as 'life skills'.

Woah, have I got back to preaching mode? I hope not!!!

It's something that we notice day in and day out but turn a deaf ear towards the craving voices of relationships. With relations it is not that an individual will be satisfied when his/her individual cravings are answered for, infact it is much to do with the intent of being empathetic towards the needs of all parties involved. We tend to take the easiest, non-committal approach which helps us in assuming a status quo position without taking a stance towards a particular situation.

With every passing day I’ve been learning the practical approach of applying these life skills where relationships are on the tip of the iceberg. Trying to ripen relations is like premature dislodging of the iceberg, which invariably causes damage to the ice. It all works best, when there is a natural meltdown I guess.

Seems like I can’t get any better at being abstract.