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Mar 9, 2008

Why... Why not??

We often ask 'Why this, Why that' on every given chance. Of Course its a good thing to ask questions, but these often lead to further questions. What is the point, when these questions pile up and add to your mystery of answering them all.

There are times in life when you got to ask the same questions differently.
Something like:

Why this? : Why not this?
How would it be?: Let's see how this turns out to be?
Why now?: If not now, then when ?

Of course, having said that it becomes supremely important to understand the context of the situation, limitations, resources available and also working within constraints. Though brave the answers may seem, there is a certain logical coherence to it all, and listening to the heart in these matters more often than not show us the right path forward.

Hoping to make it more abstract.....


Graffiti Speak said...

yes there is some thrill in having uncertain situations in our lives...let each day unravel its own mysteries in its own sweet time...why bother to question the incomprehensible? my uncle often quotes to 'be like a river and go with all that comes on your way'...that sums up now...isn't it?

Sanju said...

In its own sweet time is the concern ;-)

Otherwise.. you couldn't have said it any better.


hima said...

ya ve alwayzzzzz cum across to b a quick witted n a furious buddy..

I knw for sure ya wud rockkkkkkkk d col as wel with umpteen galfrenzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;)..

Way to go sAnJu !!

Shweta said...

I feel our questions reflect our expectations, our fears, our hopes, our tribulations... but from what I've seen so far is that life answers it all - even our unsaid too - just that we shud give time sometime... :)