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Aug 3, 2008

Being part of the team organizing the whole event on the 15th of August, 2008 I was wondering if I could contribute in any other way possible. Organizing and coordinating an event is quite big a task and makes you lose focus on smaller but significant things that one can be part of, and I realized that penning down one’s thoughts is just that.

Last night I was actually thinking about what to write and mindlessly browsing through the TV Channels, when suddenly I noticed the names A.R. Rahman and Mani Ratnam. Bombay, one of my favorite movies was playing on one of the channels. I think it’s the umpteenth time I’ve watched it, still the sensitivity of the movie in capturing the message of unity and patriotism is just flabbergasting. By the end of it I’d got the all important dose of ‘enthusiasm’ to pen this article down.

At this moment my mind is caught in a sea of pictures that I came across during the recent serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Such cowardly attempts of creating unrest, panic and taking lives of innocent people has been going on since an unbelievably long time, be it in Mumbai, Hyderabad or the recent attack on Jaipur. But we have always shown the resolve to stand up and start walking again.
The issue of terrorism is a one that is affecting the world at large, but if only the developed countries could take a stern stance against it instead of spending resources on energy and religion centered politics, world might just turn terrorism free.

At this juncture when India has seen 60 splendid autumns and is on the verge of breaking barriers into the league of economic superpowers, I would like to rake this thought in you of reaffirming our roots and build the resolve to lead India into intriguing new horizons.

Every Republic and Independence Day, I am sure that there is a moment in all of our lives when we might have felt that one single chord that I N D I A strikes within.

Do we lend it an ear, is the big question though?

It is often said that we don’t say the essential things that ought to be said. And one such emotion that we have taken for granted is the feeling of oneness, pride of being an Indian. The pride of the diversity in culture, geography, historical heritage, and the struggle we have been through to see this day of freedom. So this Independence Day allow me and repeat along when I say “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN”.

This is exactly what we at IBS-Bangalore wish to vociferate in the PEACE MARCH on the 15th of August, near Café Coffee Day, Jayanagar 4th Block.

Come join us and help us with our unique initiative of spreading the right vibes of a rapidly developing INDIA.



Anonymous said...

The Racist Republic of India implements the well known Government Racism (also known as "Reservation").

I see the need for supporting the Indian Republic (The threat of Islamic fundamentalism is dire; so the enemy of my enemy is my friend.) But, I don't see any reason to be proud of it.

Sanju said...

@Anonymous, Well ours is a simple cause. We don't aim to support any group, we just want to emphasize on the Indian'ness we seem to have forgotten.

I am proud of the legacy of Indian'ness and foresee it returning soon.