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Jun 27, 2008

Class of 2010 Officially Inaugurated

I started writing this post way back in June, it is one of those posts which never took off and remained in the drafts folder.

Looks like everything gets the right time, and so does this almost at the end of Semester-1. Quite an irony I still have to mention now that class of '2010 has been inaugurated officially and shortly will roll onto part-2.

Well what's delayed this post for so long ??
Between June and August till date, there has been so many events at School, that's almost left me breathless like Manthan, Fresher's party, Colosseum and now the peace walk along with numerous tests, exams and presentations of course.

In all, it's been drilling 2 months and will only get better.... with Semester end Exams and Tarkash - Inter collegiate business fest on the menu.
Meanwhile, thought of making this post carry some of the memoirs of the journey which include our group dance performance :-)

Guess that's pretty much of it for the time being.... until then...

Keep Rocking....

Jun 22, 2008

Introspection at most times, is referred as looking within to the decisions we've taken. But i guess too much of introspection when there hasn't been much change in the wavelength of how life is lead, makes it futile. It's about exploring the unknown. Yes, in all its true sense, I have been wading through unchartered territories with my MBA program giving me ample opportunities to find out my core competencies.

One of which is getting involved with the marketing forum of IBS-B.
The first Wednesday after the course began is when the marketing forum was announced and close to around 200 guys came under a roof with Mr. Sunil Pevekar our marketing instructor, it was totally a feeling of "where-am-i"? More so, when the class was dispersed with sub-groups being made and left to discuss amongst ourselves, it was total chaos.

Somehow, amidst this kind of chaos I managed to get into a position where I was heard and subsequently the representatives of the groups were formed. Although certain reasons made me disinterested in being part of this, i still clung on. And luckily for me the best part was pending, with our instructor opening the posts of President and Secretary for election.

Rest was probably destined to happen for me. I was elected president, Alka the Secretary and Suresh the Treasurer of the Marketing Forum amongst eight contestants. Three weeks into the job, I am just loving it :-).

Furthermore, the inaugurals of the class of 2010 is scheduled on the 27th of June, 2008 with the stage being open for all the sections to showcase their cultural might. Well this was one opportunity I didn't want to let go without trying my hands or legs at it. ;-)

What followed was a lot of brain storming among classmates and unfortunately not much transpired to my liking.
Auditions followed and our class, thanks to the meagre overall participation managed to get a dance event selected. On being ebbed by our counseling faculty now the class has shown better participation for the event.

And guess what, after dancing when I was in third grade, I have finally summoned the courage to dance on stage. If you're wondering if you heard me well, answer is you did.

With all this, there is one activity thats pending now. Studies!!! I don't think planning for it will help at this point with so many activities. A fine balance is what I wish to achieve.

Till the next post, Adios!!!