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May 5, 2011

Maybe Bakwaas but not untrue

अर्र्ज़ किया है.....

वोल्वो, मत आना मेरे  पीछे  यूह  चुप  चुप  के, साए  की  तरह!
डर लगता है, जी घबराता है , डर लगता है, जी घबराता है!

लगने लगता है की, कही ये मेरा दिल तो नहीं,
जो आज कल साथ में नहीं रहता मेरे!

बस इतना याद रखना, की तुम किसी के अमानात को साथ ला रहे हो अपने,
जिसके पास दिल पड़ा है गिरवी अपना!

वोल्वो, मत आना मेरे  पीछे  यूह  चुप  चुप  के, साए  की  तरह!
डर लगता है, जी घबराता है , डर लगता है, जी घबराता है!

(Inspired by the volvo buses that comes menacingly close to the motorists on the roads of Bangalore)

May 1, 2011

Summer of 2011

Its the last day of April, or just as i realize its May day. And for a while its been crawling on my mind how the summer has been this year. 
We've had some amazing turn of events and the biggest one of them all is we've won the World cup. And thanks to that I've been spared of writing about it how the Indian team always fails to live up to the expectations. But then, thanks to our Men in Blue, from 2nd of April, 2011, they've raised the bar of expectations for themselves.

Every world cup there is a new thing that we find is being talked about. While in the previous editions it was something within the game, this world cup I'll always remember for the way I watched it. "Tweeting" !!!

I had never imagined I would be commentating live on the state of a match with a person sitting thousands of miles away. This was something we always did during the post-mortem of the match. The howling, screaming and shouting of course was very integral of the match watching experience, but emoting in 140 characters is something I'm now pretty warmed up to. This has completely changed the way I while my time with cricket now. Atleast I don't feel guilty of not doing anything during a match. Not that I can remember what it used to be like to watch 5 days of it.

Hmm, so back to the 'summer'. Though it might have appeared in a lot of my recent posts/rants/ramblings I'm still very much hung-over with it. I now own a Royal Enfield. Man I can't get over it :). I'm so thrilled about this new relationship.

And on a personal note, I've taken a real liking to running. It all started during my ten day stint at Pune. The apartment where the guest house was situated was bloody brilliant. It had so much space that running was a joy there. All the years spent in the gym sure has given me mass enough to make running a challenging endeavor. Just like how working out can be a vent to the mundaneness of life, running gives me the satisfaction. And by the way I have a marathon coming up! I'm running yet again with team EY.

I'm counting this summer to open up a lot of avenues for me and of course everyone of you.  Until then, stay sunny!!!