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Aug 26, 2010

Saying Adieu in style

In our professional lives these days, seeing people leave the organization they work for is not really a big deal. People choose to leave different trails so to say while leaving, experience definitely helps me recollect from the whole lot of mails I've received and the two I've sent in this regard.

Some leave with a mail with full of gratitude that people reading it actually feel if the exiting employee was actually in the same company as they are. While there are others who offload a truckload of hate, disgust and frustration to all the readers while they leave. And then there are others who leave as though they want nobody to know they have left.

Recently I came across a fascinating kind, who in their own way signify their presence in their absence. These are people who with their positive outlook tend to believe that moving on, is an opportunity in the truest sense and possess a great belief that the change is for good. They might be completely wrong in their decision but at the end of the day nobody can belittle the positivity they create.
Farewell said she....
I post this picture of someone's creativity with the intent of only appreciating her(as i was told) thoughtful work of art which left a deep impression on me. Like always, its only my views.

Aug 7, 2010

The 31st day of July in 2010

What after this jazzy seeming title?

While the events of the day predominate my thoughts, I am surprised, amazed and satiated with whatever has come out due to some of my efforts.

It all began some day in early June, when I casually talking to my colleague mentioned about holding a convocation ceremony for the graduating class of 2010 from IBS-Bangalore, my alma matter.

The prospect of working on an idea that might come good is so empowering that one never really realizes, how life is infused to it.

Same happened with me too, and with an online survey I set out to understand the views of my batchmates for the same. And with the response I got from my batchmates there was no stopping me.

What followed was a lot of calls, messages and emails, to the college authorities and the support I received from my alma matter, I must say was tremendous.

Cut back to the day, I got all ready with a much needed hair cut and went shopping for that dapper looking jet black suit. Got a nice deal for a change, and nothing on that day could go wrong.

To see 300 of my friends turn up for the day from many parts of India was most satisfying.

The feeling turned unreal when the degrees were given away and the clock already struck 10pm. It was all over.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cause.

Sanjaya KS

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