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Feb 15, 2011

Human Chemistry

Dear Blog,

How have you been? I know I haven't written to you in a while. In these days word and excel documents seem to take everything out of me, and I am left high and dry even for words, let alone a few sentences.

Recently blog, I read 'Dork' by Sidin Vadukut and I am impressed by his easy-on-the-eyes style of writing and lucid storytelling. So don't be surprised if you find the style of this prose to be a little unnatural here, atleast i can imitate the style of writing :)

During last September/October, a close friend suddenly shocked us with the news that he was going to go to a completely different profession altogether. Though the news came with a certain shock value, it was a very pleasant shock and we were all really happy for him, almost all. I say almost all because each one of us construed the situation differently. Now my point of bringing this here blog, is to ponder on the fact that no matter how close a group of friends are, and for however long the duration be, it is the chemistry amongst all of them that makes the group work(group dynamics). And this is not something you'd see often, such behavior comes out in exceptional situations. 

For instance a friend took it too seriously got miffed and took a little time to come to terms with the facts, his whole contention was that such a thing need not have been kept a secret from us which this friend had done. But then, I have one thing to say to both, there will be times when you should share a bit of one's life, because who better to have than a friend who even though might mock, but will hear you with utmost seriousness ultimately. And there will be times, when not much of everything can be shared, need to respect and appreciate the situation.This blog, i call sensing the sensitivity in a situation.

Guess it also just human behavior to keep something very discrete which is very close to heart. This blog, I shall not talk about since I am not too good at it and sometimes, I consider myself a hopeless romantic when it comes the matters of heart. I have a heart and mind that opens out at every given opportunity like it just did now. Our group formed, normed, performed and will continue performing forever.

We don't often acknowledge the fact, but the best of who we are is largely determined by our friends. Proud to have such company.

Trusting in Chemistry, Amen !!!