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Feb 7, 2008

Maa Tujhe Salaam!!!

Don't know about others, but I guess I don't acknowledge the person I should the most for whatever I am today.
Mom, I love you. It is because of your sacrifices, that I am on this blessed path.

Yeah, it's one thing to love and another thing, not to express your emotions.Of course, doing it over your personal space is the not best option you could go for. But since mom is sleeping right now and I did not want to let go of this emotion, it comes here.

Recently L.K. Advani's statement on Taare Zameen Par, made it to national headlines. I think even without he having uttered what he did, this song would have done that. It surely moved me into tears.
Kudos to Aamir 'the-ace' Khan and the team.



Shweta said...

Truely mums will always be fav ppl ard.. heyy I hope u told her how special she is the next mrng :) In this fast life when all kids run out of home speedying on their way to office or classes or frens place... Many forgot to turn back and look at their angel - their mum.. I can bet she definitely wud be looking at them at all of those times.
Hope god bless mums ard r world with long happy lives!