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Mar 30, 2008

Life these days...

Flash Back: 24-05-2007

Mr. K: "Why change now if you are planning to do full time MBA. Quit from here and join the college when you have to."

Me: Yea true. But you know. It had got so monotonous. Wouldn't have changed ...... but.

That was my penultimate day in HP and I was speaking to my Practice head.
Sometime in the June 2007, when the temperature only got hot and hotter in Delhi.

Me: Does the role Associate Consultant mandate me to do all this.
Mr. S: Yes, What do you think ??

Me: Well business analysis is something i like to do.
Mr. S: Sanjaya, do you have an MBA?

Me: I don't, but i intend to have one and also have started planning for it.
Mr. S: What happened, wrong mapping of skill sets or something like that?

Me: I don't know about that, but this is not something i like to do.
Mr. S: Sanjaya, don't worry I will send you to Bangalore. Don't think about it too much !

My discussion with my TM in Wipro.
February 10th 2008, Hyderabad.

Interviewer 1 on seeing my profile: Now, you have almost 4 years of experience in IT and you are doing pretty well. Then why crossover now?
Me: Sir, doing an MBA after putting in some quality years at work has always been my goal.

Interviewer1: But you know, not everyone maybe paying you the amount you expect.
Me: Sir, its not only about money, its about the roles i would be playing post my MBA. Business Analysis and Research are the fields I would see myself growing in, and later find the entrepreneur streak in me. Hence MBA is the right impetus for me at this stage of my career.

Interveiwer1: :-)

Interviewer2: So what are your hobbies?
Me: Reading, travelling, playing etc.

Interviewer2: Which is your latest read?
Me: Fountainhead, now with Atlas Shrugged by Ayn rand.

Interviewer2: So you have a blog?
Me: Yes, I do.

Interviewer2: What is it called?

Interviewer2: Why is it called so?
Me: During those days I used to workout often.

Interviewer2: :-)

Same day evening got to know that I was through to Icfai Business School, Bangalore.
Those were mixed emotions as i recall. Sorrow of not having made to Hyderabad and Joys to know about parents feeling it great that I would be based out of Bangalore.

On the hindsight, I am now too.

March 17th 2008, Bangalore

This is to bring to your kind notice that I would like to tender resignation from my duties effective today. I intend to pursue my higher studies and hence wish to be relieved from my duties on April 18th 2008 with this considered as my last working day in Wipro.


Enough Said, I am waiting for May 1st, when I will be a student all over again

Wish me luck, Sanju

Mar 9, 2008

Why... Why not??

We often ask 'Why this, Why that' on every given chance. Of Course its a good thing to ask questions, but these often lead to further questions. What is the point, when these questions pile up and add to your mystery of answering them all.

There are times in life when you got to ask the same questions differently.
Something like:

Why this? : Why not this?
How would it be?: Let's see how this turns out to be?
Why now?: If not now, then when ?

Of course, having said that it becomes supremely important to understand the context of the situation, limitations, resources available and also working within constraints. Though brave the answers may seem, there is a certain logical coherence to it all, and listening to the heart in these matters more often than not show us the right path forward.

Hoping to make it more abstract.....