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Sep 29, 2008

The Sem that was...

It all started with a bang, there was so much energy and it went unbelievably fast. So fast, that studies took a beating. I saw it coming, but could not do much about it due to the frenzy.

But there is absolutely no denying that there is a certain sense of learning, i've come to gain after the end of Sem 1 to be a good grader.

If i could list them, it would look like this
  1. Reduce sleep, extra curricular activities
  2. Networking when done intelligently, is only when it is beneficial.
  3. Read lots more.
  4. Maintain a low profile
  5. Have a cordial relationship with the faculty.
  6. Internal marks has a striking similarity to the salary appraisals. Salary/hikes are always negotiated, so are the internal marks. I guess it takes more than just an honest approach to gain marks. (Not that I did all it takes!!!)
  7. Image, sense of responsibility is immaterial when it comes to converting it to marks.
  8. Priorities and prioritizing are something that should begin very early in a manager's life.
  9. More.....
All said and done, all these have been learning's which I surely want to inculcate. But truly speaking, how much can one go against nature. It's like expecting Sehwag to play the whole day and make 60 runs just because the pitch is really tough.

I ain't comparing, its just my way of feeling good and filling self-enthusiasm, which could help me inculcate some if not all of my learning.

This time I'm not just hoping for it, but will go for it.

Stay Cheerful,


Jas said...

"Networking when done intelligently, is only when it is beneficial..."
introspection done well but is it being followed???