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Mar 1, 2009

Such a show … Guys

On the Augustus occasion of the 75th anniversary celebrations of Kannada film industry, I have this feeling of pride and joy to come to terms with the rich history and tradition that the Kannada film industry has carved for self. In some ways I guess this is the sole reason why I decided to stay put at home in front of the idiot box. I eagerly woke up from the lazy Sunday afternoon slumber to watch the 3 day event get inaugurated.

Though I know it's easy to sit and comment about the show, frankly speaking the initial parts of the show was annoying really. Speaking with some experience of organizing events, I know how easily the 100th unnoticed event can occur washing away all the other 99 items that would have been meticulously taken care of. Taking the scale of the event being and the caliber of the list of invitees into account, sitting on my couch I so hoped that the event turned out to be a superb one.

Some glaring short comings that make me write this:

  • I really cannot decipher the logic of how 75 look-alikes of Dr. Rajkumar can share the same stage with personalities like Chief Minister of the state, Guest of Honor Kamal Hassan, other major stars, politicians who themselves formed a formidable 20-30 number of people on stage.
  • Atleast basic things like having the garlands, ready for these dignitaries should have been done.
  • The scene of huge number of unwanted people literally being warded off by our CM was deplorable.

The list can go on… but I know what to stop where. Did I forget to mention that this event was held in front of crowds numbering to lakhs of people? I guess the MBA mindset sometimes makes me critique a bit too much. The post got worded in my mind as I was watching the event unfold. But it all stopped when Kamal Sir started speaking in Kannada and the rest of the event went on as if there was never a glitch.

In all after having grown up on these classic matinee entertainers, to see an occasion like this celebrated is delightful. With wishes galore for a super 'Amrita Mahotsava', here is me signing out!!!


prady said...

i guess it was worth seeing Kamal speak and speak in kannada... :)