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Mar 29, 2009

Aamir Khan's poster said 8.30-9.30 PM, and I had it all set well in my mind, reach home and just do it. But by 8.35PM when I reached, I was feeling sapped with all the physical activities I indulged in for the day. Anyways, the earth hour had just begun and I wanted to see if my folks were interested in anything like this.

I called out to my dad, and said "Appa, computer kaaryu aacha, Aayindaale Auki, ippo earth hour start aayikarna". 
Meaning ... dad if your work on the computer is done, you could shut it off as the earth hour has already begun.

To my suprise, within the next 5 minutes dad came out of the room after having turned everything off and promptly came and switched off the TV. At this point of time, my mind was still wavering on whether to observe the event or not. And then Mom said, let's take the dinner on the terrace and have it over there. Buoyed by their sheer interest, I made up my mind. 

Rest was just a beautiful dinner on the terrace, with no lights, but for ones on the street and a lot of empty sky gazing after we finished eating. 

To switch off the lights for 60 minutes, contribute towards conserving energy and directly get involved with the fight against global warming, is of course the larger purpose, but I am glad to say that it drove all the three(mom, dad and me) to have dinner together, which seldom happens due to time constraints or other factors.



prady said...

good maga..!! i guess today most part of the bangalore including the IT sector, BESCOM and some of the shopping centers in MG road and Brigade road observed the earth hour i guess..!!! :) nice... more and more people should join this campaign..!! :)

Nona said...

:) So, you could stargazing on that day. With Bangalore becoming a metropolis, the day is not far way when we visit a planetorium to stargaze. Enjoy the most when you can!

Sona said...

Good job!

Sanju said...

@Prady,@Nona: Just trying to be a small part in a big movement.Hope this event would be bigger and better.

@Sona, Thanks.

Swetha Padakandla said...

hey, gud! so u njoyed the earth hour like tht..

and thnx for dropping by my blog!


Ramya said...

Good that you could contribute to the cause :)

Newbie Mommy said...

Wow. Good stuff :)
And probably best to remember that
'little drops doth an ocean make'


Sanju said...

@B, Thanks for stopping by :)

sowmya said...

i was in my aunts place that day...the whole street was glowing while i forced my aunt and uncle to sit in dark:)

good i appreciate ur efforts

Sanju said...

Hey Sowmya,

Thanks for dropping by, after all its little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.