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Mar 11, 2009

The week current and past has been full of runs for Team India, be it the costly ones in the 20-20 matches, or precious ones in the ODI's.

If sachin gave an early gift to his fans celbrating ID on Sunday 8th Mar, Sehwag failed to dissapoint by gifting a timely HOLI present by scoring the fastest ton by an Indian and in the process sealed the NZ ODI series in India's favour.

Now whats recession got to do with it? Well a poster got all my attention in the match's highlights.
'No Recession, No runs'
And now who is Daddu, it's one of the brilliant new ad from 'Mentos' mint, that's aired these days on TV. I just love its theme. Though at the risk of being accused for unwarranted promotion of the ad, I feel like embedding the same here.

Sometimes, its only the little things that bring joy. Well here's mine