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Mar 15, 2009

दोस्तोन के दर्मियान हसाती हुई जिन्दगी

Some days are just meant to be special. You don't know how time just flies and the whole day is over in a jiffy. Like yesterday, when we friends were together for sweets a friend brought from home, and a dinner that followed in an ergonomically discomforting restaurant for tall blokes like me. It is the company that makes any sort of discomfort fade away with bouts of laughter, leg-pulling and an overall warmth. I am blessed to be in company of such friends.

Drinking is one such topic which has a lot of hues associated to it. While talking about whether the booze or the talk of it gives a high, I came up with the first line of this Shayari... and asked my trusted friend from Delhi, Shweta(who gets an equal credit of this post) to complete it.

Might seem as if i am boasting, this one time i won't deny it. I am proud of my Hindi abilities, which I think i proved throughout the day.

Anyways Aadaab Arz hai...
बातों से जो चद्ती ... तो कमभख्त कौन पीता
बातों से जो चद्ती ... तो कमभख्त कौन पीता
आप हमारे साथ होते; तो मरने से कौन डरता!

Hope you guys have something to tell me about this post.



Nona said...

wah wah

malu said...

sanj here is a modified version of ur shayari - Alfazon se jo chadhti toh kambakhat kaun peeta
hote jo tum mere saath ae dost
toh taa-umra bin piye hi jeeta !

jasmine said...

nice one yaar... n yes i kno ur hindi rocks.....
waise its not addaab arz hai but " arz kiya hai"
n malu nice one dear....

Sanju said...

@Nona, Thank you.

@Malu, like i always say, there is a clear distinction between chance and talent. U r just sheer talent. Wah Wah !!!

@Jasmine thanks. I guess this mistake will keep me grounded now.

Shweta said...

Its always a pleasure having gr8 conversations in hindi with yu which have truely left me surprised each time in this part of non-hindi world... definitely creditable!
ur rite when u say moments become special with not wuts in it but who's in it!
Ur fren Malu's modified version of our shayari totally bowled me over :)
Wah! Ustaads! Both of ya! :)