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Apr 17, 2009

Well the month April has been significantly different for me in the past few years ever since I keep track of it. It's difficult to post when both time and interest are found wanting.

While I was trying to mentally float to Grenoble and back in April 2006, it was everything for a cause in April 2007. April 2008 brought in me a total new perspective about where i was heading and had me thinking, for me it sure was a paradigm shift.

Going by what has happened in the past and also the kind of hunches I have, I can just hope something good happens.



Shweta said...

So wut all did april bring to yu?
btw read this sumwhr long time bck > Sweet april showers Do bring may flowers :)Good Luck with everything Sanju!

Sanju said...

@Shweta, Well April has been a trying month for me, and i still don't know what all might result out of it.

Thanks for dropping by...

Anusha Narayan said...

Seriously i am so glad you didn't resort to writing a post on the Indian Elections. It was one topic which was endlessly analyzed to the extent of being abusive on literally all types of media ! sigh

Ok, i vented out :)

So how was april ? :)

Sanju said...

Well, Indian elections, i always enjoy watching debates, that tend to be informative. Writing about them... well, never mind.

I think April will be fine!!!

Shweta said...

24/06 : Now yu know wut April (and May) got yu! Breathtaking Grade 'A' :) Wish yu many more accomplishments in life sanju! Good Job!

Sanju said...

@Shweta, You r making it sound much better.. than it actually is. Sometimes, it just works.

Anyways, thanks for the wonderful support.