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Dec 10, 2009

Let go... or should I

The quintessential question is back to haunt me. To-do or not to-do? This time it is relinquishing power, the toughest thing leaders face. I hope it's not an over statement to say I've done decently well to build a team over the last year and a half to build the operations a.k.a 'KingsGambit' vertical.

But then when i come to think of it, some things can only be so memorable.

As a leader and as somebody who wishes to be one through out, it's a conscious effort on my part to let others grow with me.

So with other things having taken higher precedence in my scheme of things, I've decided to be a supporting member of the Operations vertical of 'IBS-B Tarkash'10' and wish Rakesh Bharti, Vertical Head, all the best!!!



Bharath said...

its Tarkask 2010 :) not 09 ... he he

Sanju said...

Well Bharath, its Tarkash '10 agreed, but its also not Tarkask ;-)

rohit said...

okie watever it is... the bottom line is good decision... we need ur support ...


Anonymous said...

Hi please let me know the website for the event.

Sanju said...

@Anonymous the website for Tarkash: