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Aug 22, 2009

What a week it has been, A week full of tasks, evaluations, results, assignments and of course of Manthan '09(internal B-fest of IBS-B).

The event which started on a grand note last week with promotions beginning on the 13th, went on with full enthusiasm and fervor atleast from the teams that braved up the academic hardships.

Come 17th and it was time now for the 13 member teams to march in to the auditorium to begin with various events across verticals.

Continuing with where we had left in Tarkash '08, Rakesh and I managed to build a rather strong team this time, for our opertaions vertical 'The King's Gambit'. Well 'strong', i realise can be a qualititative or a quantitative word, its all just relative.

The day unfolded rather inauspiciously with some technical snags of running the video, but that was that of inauspiciousness as the rest of the events went according to schedule that i had prepared on my favorite 'Excelsheet'.

Brijesh came up with these scintillating posters for the vertical, which I have collaged as you can see on the left.

Like with every junior batches, there were quite a few pull-outs this time too and I am pretty sure that the 'Best Managers' might have had a torrid time motivating teams or sometimes even the other way round.

From an individualistic 'operations vertical' perspective, the competition that was on offer among the teams was appreciable, but I guess not enough to win accolades at other colleges. Having said that the top 5 teams were highly competitive and I really liked the spirit each team showed.

Of the obvious differences between Tarkash and Manthan, a major difference I observed is the real life issues of managing people, and at the same time ensure being goal-oriented no matter what. Somehow, I felt managing Manthan was definitely much more a challenge personally.
The mantle of being a vertical head showed me that 'with greater power comes greater responsibility'. Woah, I am getting better and better at cliche-ing things!

Talking about cliched things, over the last week I realised that some of the lines we utter are so bloody cliched. A few on top of my mind that I wish to list are:
  • 'May the best team win' - It's just a hope that is hopelessly wrapped in a hope of hopefulness.
  • 'Our selection process is fair' - You wouldn't probably find a more corrupt process.
  • 'We wish to be part of the team' - I hope they really understand what teamwork is all about.
Coming back to the learnings, Manthan surely gave me an opportunity as a testing ground for my leadership skills. There were a lot of feedbacks, based on which I have some questions and thoughts:
  • Is diplomacy an art or science?
  • Leadership should never go the reactive way, it is always the responsive model that works.
  • Is collaborative leadership a myth ?
  • Leaders should always have plans D and E in place, because nowadays its no surprise if plans A, B and C go for a toss.
  • Need to understand quick and fast, clear and loud that a leader is a leader because he has a job to do, being goody-goody to everyone is not an option.
  • It also becomes easier for the leader to make decisions if s/he is grounded on strong ethical principles.
  • I can continue listing but a leader should also know, when to continue and when to stop. Smart ability of disseminating information is a must have quality for leaders.
Wise men have said, that there is always something that goes wrong. Despite anything, I'm gald that the whole event was a grand success and I hope we were able to manage to leave a smile on the lips of our juniors.



Anonymous said...

someone really knows how to put thought in powerfull words .....

Anonymous said...

Its a nice story..but i would like to know more about ur problems and ur experinces in a detailed only hte goood the bad too and no diplomacy please....

Anonymous said...

Dude....Put in a more non diplomatic manner....

eyememyself said...

Way to go buddy! Good that what you're doing is making you think!

And btw our life is full cliches. There's no escaping that!

Shweta said...

Delegating work works as long as the one delegating works, too. And yu sure did! and looks like yu learned great deals too :) Gr8 job!

Sanju said...

@Anonymous, Point is "A pat on the back is only a few centimetres from a kick in the butt."

@Maga, Thanks I hope i can continue doing that.

@Shweta, there is a thin line though... crossing it either ways... is going to be a precarious situation.

nishinsideout said...

Experience nicely put up..I enjoiid d Waz Zone round very much..whr I wid Anu jst screwed d juniors..:P Must say it was a well organized vertical..kudos to ur effort.

Sanju said...

Thanks Nishant, We surely enjoyed the presence of people like u and Anu.. even if it was for just one round.

Thanks for stopping by.