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Dec 26, 2009

Good Times .... brought to you by Christmas !!!

I somehow feel comfortable recounting experiences. Wonder if my posts reflect this too? Whatever be it may, here is my post reflecting some memorable Christmas times I've had.

Pan back to 10 years, Christmas was more of neighbor sharing the much talked about plum cake among other savories. Quintessentially, it would be an occasion to enjoy that one day off school. That was pretty much it unlike, todays festive cheer it manages to bring all round.

Some 6 years hence the meaning of Christmas completely changed as if to redefine to me what the real Christmas meant. Most of it had to do with my workplace sporting the festive spirit and moreover the anticipation of the week long forced vacations we always had to take unless someone was in a critical project and hence would be part of the skeletal support team. That year a few of us friends took time off to celebrate the Christmas weekend along with the New year's eve at Hogenekkal. 

By the way, talking about new year's eves, this post talks about how I've rated them all.Sometimes I wonder how i got the time to write such posts.

Experience, Siddhu says "is a comb that life gives man when he turns bald". Fortunately I made early use of it, by using it to celebrate the next Christmas at workplace in a novel way. 

But my most memorable Christmas date till day has been 25-Dec-2008, when I organized an outing to WonderLa with full of unsure trip(class) mates. But then thinking about it, I'm sure all my friends from section G, Sem 2 will agree with me when I say, that it was one of the most well spent working Christmas weeks that we've spent in our MBA days. Be it the most ridiculous tasks each one had to do, as part of their dares or some of the most amazing acts a few Saurabhs put up. ( Read the table dance and KSG mock acts) and many more. 

Memories come rushing to my mind de-syncing the words with thoughts while i try to articulate. This is where images help to convey the sense that words seem to have lost track of. 

This small collage I've put together is a testimonial of good times I've had in IBS-B with some beautiful people. By the way, no picture can ever be complete, as someone or something is always waiting to add to it. So is the case with this one.

Putting this in context, Christmas although might seem purely incidental to some good times, it was in many ways directly consequential.

Merry X'mas & a Jolly Good New Year.



sameer said...

hmmmm... SEC G rocked man!! i missed that trip bc i had to got to hyd but still from thepics i could c u all had a blast. Gud job sanjay to put it into words.. :)

Nona said...

Hope you had a great time this year too!

Sai Praveen said...

yeah... it rocks>>>

Sarita said...

Sec G was great. sweet memories of 2nd semester.Thanks to sanjay and saurabh for this wondeful gift.Its superb!!!

saurabh said...

Won't comment nything on Section G..all u guys are big time one turned up 4 d Reunion...
But yaa the Collage is grt:
@Dipesh: 80s Dashing Look
@Ritu: Thanks God ur silent in d pic atleast....
@Niyati:Sizzling Hot Attitude a Lot.
@Next: Pic Clear nahi hai ...
@Rashmi: Moti lag rahi hai..(& thats a compliment)
@Shilpa:Simple, Sweet & Silent but ur eyes speak a lot...
@Sai: 'Game for everything'
@Reema: With radiant 32
@Surbhi:Scared and Surprised coz u r placed next to Ravi
@Sanjay: Pappu can dance ab to
@Shashank:Broden ur smile a bit & I am sure a thousand girls wil die 4 dt..
@ Shankar and Sarthak: I didn't knew that....
@Disha: 'Always Kush'
@Sarita: u still on ur cell phone??
@Next: yeh kaun hai ...table dance wala?
@Pooja: 'Curious to know smthing'
@Priyanka: 'always smiling' | D Global Mass Media Communication Device
@Meghna: 'have lot to say' look
@Susmita:'ain't i pretty' look..yaa
@Ranjit: 'i know nothing'look..but buddy we know u r few of the person in IBS..who actually deserve much more...

Thanks guys.. that was certainly d best christmas.....I can ever have and you all are certainly the best pals in my life.

Anonymous said...

i really!!! like the way u put ur thoughts into words.......

rashmi said...

hmmm.. watz left to say nw,thinkng bak an yr., all dose beautiful memories flash one by one in d frnt of eyes n mind startng frm d 'Secret Santa:)' campaign ver i ws given d biggest surprise ;)(sorry,dnt wanna name it to hurt ny1) to all dose funny punishments n den a rocking, wonderful wonderla day dat ended wid ma 1st dinner @ Handi(hehe..dats another thing dat by dat tym for majority of d gang, it ws a mundane place:)..!!)
All dose memories r abash wid loads of smiles n fun n fun
.. cudnt hav dat tym again dis Christmas! thanx sanjay fr putting it across.Hope to hav smthng like dat again..!!
@saurabh: ya ryt, m lukng a bit too motu (hope jst in d pic :-)))
@Sarita:u've gt d best pic in d collage :)!!
dnt knw ver wud v all b next yr, bt Christmas,08 wud b cherished d same in d memories always...!!
I wish joy, peace n success ahead fr all of us.. Best Wishes :)Cheers!!

Sanju said...

@Sameer, Thank you !!

@Nona, Shud say last year was better :) Have been busy trying to prepare for bigger things this year(read placements)

@Sai, yea :)

@Sarita, U welcome. Never lose that smile of urs :)

@Saurabh, Wow.. That i think is by far the biggest comment on my blog :)
@Anon, Shukriya !!!
@Rashmi, Thank you too, while it all happened in the past you were such an integral part of putting the whole show together :)

While it would be an understatement to say I made a whole lot of good friends in IBSB, I don't care. I am proud to have made so many good friends in IBSB.

surbhi said...

first reaction after seeing the collage:
WTF!! meri itni buri pic kyu daali sanju...2nd reaction: ohh i have another pic, i kook better in this...
3rd reaction:damn!just one more month left and doono where we all will be!! but yeah section g was fun , i had time of ma life...infact the bunch of faculties we got icing on the cake....only section which had some 4-5 odd couples...(only sec which had such an honor!!)only sec which was 24-7 ready to bunk and take an off....and i was privileged 2 b the cr of this class....
love ya guys
besties to all:-)

nishinsideout said...
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nishinsideout said...

Hey evn I ws dere..though nt in ya i cud feel dt bonding..U ppl rocked..N i lykd dt siddhu's saying:P