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Jan 4, 2010

What was the hurry for 2010 ???

I wish all my readers a wonderful and a rewarding 2010 !!!

Can't help but think that this is now the time when my blog will invariably contain a lot of content about testimonials and memories. How I wish this was a disclaimer, that i could pretend having read and not bother about it from the next second. There are atleast a dozen things that keep reminding me of the reality every single day. If you are not one of the library type person, then MBA time means a lot of time online. 

I was amazed how effective a tool an internal messenger(IM) can prove to be, more so when I could not use it. And nowadays for me online invariably means GTALK if not YM, and this also means status messages that keep changing like hand-towels on a hot summer day in Mumbai.

  • Countdowns on status lines like "30 days remaining.... ", "Recreate that magic" and some like "..........................." sure do keep reminding me of the time that's slipping away.
Signals are ubiquitous, sometimes glaring.

  • The anticipation that every mail brings from a certain department in college.
  • Memories evoked by that small meeting with an old colleague.
  • A friend who has moved on to bigger and better things, and is waiting for you there.
  • Individual photographs that once looked beautiful as is, now seem incomplete. Make a collage and see the difference it brings to the outlook.
  • The awe that every corrected answer paper or assignments bring, or sometimes the pun that is intended with it.
  • That new friend you wished to have known a little earlier.

Are we to do something about them? Can we? I say, Move on, but don't lose your chance to reflect.

Stay cheerful.


Tarundeep Kaur said...

Nice... You write like you first read others' mind and rephrase it.
I always feel like my life just started and why it is flowing so speedy? It was one more year... one more beautiful year with lots of memories which I would like to relive for a few months and then memories will fade.
I hope we all get so many beautiful years ahead waiting for us to live them fully and enjoy them. All the best.

Kim And Ayesha said...

Truly stated
Great work Sanjay

Speak Your Mind! said...
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Speak Your Mind! said...

hey Sanjay!
Happy 2010..:)
i liked the flow of this post and definitely the thought behind it.
time flies but its important that we pause and reflect on some special moments, technology has made it easier to an extent..;)

Sanju said...

@Tarundeep, Well said. Thanks
@Rocky, Shukriya huzoor.
@Alka, am glad you liked it. I would say technology has made us comfortably numb.