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Dec 24, 2007

Of Santa’s and Celebrations...

When working with a young team most of the times thoughts transpire into effervescent ideas. One such idea came from a couple of colleagues (Maha and Shreya) and we held ‘SECRET SANTA’ with a great success.

As the name itself suggests it’s quite a common game during Christmas. In corporate circles this is used as a wonderful way of team bonding and building as I found out myself when it all unfolded.

Ideas are like bubbles, when they materialize they become a sea of bubbles that enchant the horizon showing us the different hues of nature. And when they don’t they burst as if the bubble was so insignificant.

Our event also took shape within similar lines. It just needed a word with our team lead and project lead and the ball was set rolling.

Rules were simple:

  • With 37 members present on the day we made out equal number of slips bearing everyone’s names.
  • Each one had to be a Santa to the person s/he got in their slips.
  • No one got their own names on the slip.
  • The member receives his or her gift furtively from their Santa, hence the name Secret Santa.
  • Making it inquisitive for the gift seekers to get their gifts was left to the discretion of the individual.

After casually planning out the details it was time for the MC in me to take over and do I enjoy it or what?

I had always heard that each day was different but the following day was totally a contrast to the one that had just passed. People were bubbling with energy to make their gift-seekers feel special by gifting them various kinds of Gifts asking them to perform weird, creative tasks.

The game was so well supported by everyone present, that an air of synergy was apparent. People varied between extremes from making a person drink raw egg to organizing a treasure hunt. Some even went ahead and showed their creative streak though it took some time and lots of efforts.

The event came to a nice finale with Anju and Shreya cutting the cake she received as her Christmas Gift. People who guessed their Secret Santa’s were promptly applauded and for those who couldn’t rattle their brains, listening to the MC speak was always an option.

Isn’t it a great feeling when you go out and make someone’s day that tad special...