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Jan 26, 2010

Yearn for the churn

Pre-Scipt: Dear readers, I won't mind if you don't read this post!!! 

Restlessness, queasiness... all these I guess are common. But all these at exam times can be really disconcerting. And where does this bring me... to metalbook. I have these swings that play with my moods and makes me do wierd things. Like listen to Floyd, post something new on my blog or just talk to people.

Talking about exams, well I'm in all probability give my last exams of a full time student life. And there can't be an exam day that i let go by, without thinking, of one blunder i committed during my third semester. Fortunately for me it was mid-sem exams. This picture is in memory of the same.

Looking at this my mind has suddenly started travelling back to days when this tool was put to its real use. All those days, when moments were  created by a simple Reply-All, or a bloody forward that blocked someone's whole mailbox. I yearn to get back to those days again.

While my heart can continue rumbling away, my mind says "shut up, I'm not going to let you *&^% up my blog with these lame rantings." Don't know what it is? It must be the damned subject, or wait, it might be the mail again. Whatever it is, I can now move on.. for the horrible feeling which i had, when I began seems to have gone.

P.S: If you have still stuck on reading to this after my initial intimation, Thanks you are a good listener and your time has helped me !!!


Nona said...

Good luck with the exams!

Sanju said...

Thank you Nona !