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Sep 3, 2009

Remember those days, where you have been passing through a particular road, and you so wanted to click some pics there? Well, I surely had one such day. This stretch on the way to Mysore road, from Uttarahalli Junction is one such place I have always thought of stopping by and clicking some.

Luckily enough for me, Rain God who never listens to me when there is a cricket match on, seemed to have patched up with me and I simply loved what came out of the whole damp affair. Somehow, such small things make me so happy.

And by the way, for the first time I moved away from Nokia and I should say, that I am definitely not disappointed. Samsung Star is surely a good value for your money.



Anonymous said...

the effects of doing an MBA......
but must say amazn!!!! view wish would have been there :(

Sanju said...

Well... Never thought of it that way. But you damn rite about the view.. though :)