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May 20, 2009

Of late I have been experiencing a mix of routinized, intensive, pensive, tense, light and stressful times.  My posts of late have all been about what to write rather than what not to, with thoughts that seem to have got struck in the cellar of my mind. I think i'll just list few thoughts on top of my head:
  • Whatever happened to my friends, everyone seems to be slimming down, making me look as if i'm growing fatter?
  • Why does that sick nail on the road always show its pointed side to the wheels of my bike? And to the back wheel most often.
  • Why does the traffic cop find something missing everytime, that he can charge me for?
  • Why are the results always delayed at a crucial time?
  • Why does that stupid pimple always leave behind a blemish?
  • Why have I lined up so many books, waiting to be read?
  • How many more weddings will i have to attend, wishing 'how the heck can it possible without me'?
  • Why does being a hopeless romantic feel so hopeless?
  • For how many days/months/years can i go so dry ?
  • When will i ever do something that I feel really happy about self?
I can go on and on and on with framing questions, but how would that help but for filling up this boring post. It's time to churn some soul for the much needed answers.

Till then,


Nona said...

Welcome back from hibernation!

In my viewpoint, you still can write ten beautiful posts with the questions you have raised! :)

Sanju said...

Talk about Nona and his unique ways of motivating :-)

eyememyself said...

Hang on buddy! You ll find the answers eventually:)

Ramya said...

You are funny .. all do get such thoughts but still no answer .

Newbie Mommy said...

What was it people say?
That, it will pass, Sanju, it will pass :)

Sanju said...

@eyemyself, I sure will :)
@Ramya, funny am i, that's new!!!
@newbie mommy, thanks.

Vinay Prakash said...

I already told u abt pimple..

1 - down , 9 - remaining..

will tell u abt others when u meet

Sanju said...

@Vinay, I thought i mentioned that I was looking for answers myself :)

Anyways sounds a tad funny coming from you :P

Shweta said...

Give time some time & yu'll have answers to all :)

Sanju said...

@Shweta, I sure will. Not that i have too many choices :)

Anonymous said...

heyy this ones jus awesumm...sthn u can so relate to..atleast a few of them here...but i wish u wud post answers as

Sanju said...

@Anonymous, I would post some answers.... as and when I come across them, but until then all my posts are in this quest..