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May 26, 2009

One for the IPL '09

After every lost cricket match that I support, there is an enormous sense of depression that starts setting in, especially if it’s a match where the Indian team is involved.  Now for some reason(s) I did not feel the same thing yesterday when Royal Challengers Bangalore lost the match against Deccan Chargers that they so deserved to win.  

Thinking about it today, I recollected some of the brilliant innings played by guys like Rohit Sharma, Ross Taylor, Gilly, Dravid, Pandey etc in various stages of the tourney. Point is there is neutrality that has set in viewing IPL cricket. 

It’s no longer the same kind of support that would increase the demand for whisky or crates of beer depending on the match's outcome. I observed yesterday with my friends that a few of them ordered for pitchers of beer, some whisky, while a few others were content to try out the various mock-tails on offer in the pub we went. Well one could always say that in a pub one ought to buy something to drink, but come on, that's not what I'm coming to. The tourney is so beautifully packaged that everybody looks for the entertainment they derive from the whole experience. And of course the pub priced the event so optimally that it kept everyone interested. With so much in it for various stakeholders no wonder Mr. Mallya was so expressionless!!!

Coming back to the other reason which I think contributed to the state of my mind post the match, is the hope that Eddie Grant tried to give to the RCB during the fantastic closing ceremony of the IPL.

Talking about listening to songs that can uplift spirits, this for me, is definitely one such song.
Give me hope Joanna, Give me hope Joanna...........

Cheers for all the good times!!!


Jagan said...

hehe.. no reason to get depressed.. and more reason for mocktails to become popular in pubs!!

Mallay has another reason to be worried, beer sales going low :)

Vinay Prakash said...

cheering RCB in vain :(( i have a bad throat still.. anyways hard luck

Shweta said...

I was totally inclined for BLR team all thru IPL with all my hrt that for a moment I felt as if I truly belong here.. hehe.. dnt wry sanju all failures are temporary!

Sanju said...

@VP, the logical approach on those smokesticks did u in man.

@Jagan, Shweta, Well point is i did not feel low. It's when the men in blue lose, that I feel so. But then again "low feeling is temporary beer is permanent" is it not :D? So Cheers !!!