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Jun 19, 2009

Absolute Musings

Apart from the usual chaos surrounded with classes and my preparation for it, things happening around have been of utmost importance in terms of what I want to call, as 'life skills'.

Woah, have I got back to preaching mode? I hope not!!!

It's something that we notice day in and day out but turn a deaf ear towards the craving voices of relationships. With relations it is not that an individual will be satisfied when his/her individual cravings are answered for, infact it is much to do with the intent of being empathetic towards the needs of all parties involved. We tend to take the easiest, non-committal approach which helps us in assuming a status quo position without taking a stance towards a particular situation.

With every passing day I’ve been learning the practical approach of applying these life skills where relationships are on the tip of the iceberg. Trying to ripen relations is like premature dislodging of the iceberg, which invariably causes damage to the ice. It all works best, when there is a natural meltdown I guess.

Seems like I can’t get any better at being abstract.



Shweta said...

very true! reminds me of King Midas.. all he touched turned into gold out of his greed.. so think its best to let time/relationships take their own due course... and like sumone said 'hen gets the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it' ;)

Sanju said...

@Shweta, dint know you could make out something even from my abstract senses... A little bkgd info.. makes such a differnce.. is it not?

Anyways, thanks for letting me know.. your take on it.

viky said...

Relationships are always a tad complicated irrespective of what role you put them into.. If you are talking about "non-committal" approach you are referring to one breed of relationships ( correct me if I am wrong ) and this blog very well depicts the same and I agree on your thoughts.. But does it reflect your thoughts and personality is the question ;)

Sona said...

Quite abstract! I am clueless here:)

Sanju said...

@Viky, If the question is, if it reflect my thoughts and personality, the answer is probably going to be an Yes.

If it is a generic qn you are posing, there might be a lot of angles to it.

@Sona, I am also getting clueless now. I think i wrote it in burst of emotions.