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Dec 30, 2007

Resolution of a kind, Anniversary of a Different Kind!!!

Neither was I sober nor inebriated on that last day of December in 2005 when I told my pals that I had smoked my last puff on the tick of midnight.

If you’ve got what I want to write about, Good!
If you haven’t I am now a non-smoker since 2 years. Achievement is definitely not what I would like to term it because the word ‘Achievement’ goes well only when something-worthy-pursuit is being referred to. Smoking isn’t worth it, quitting it is.

I am glad, I feel elated not because I quit smoking, but for having stood by something I’d resolved for a new year... Of course the work-out-lose-weight kind of resolutions will be there forever, but we sure need to have something attainable too, isn’t it?

A sincere call to all my friends, “It’s time you heeded to the statutory warning on the cigi packs.” Hoping you all get a second thought before lighting the rolled tobacco.

Good Luck and Happy New Year !!!


lookwhosback said...

well, this post was nice and crisply written...but the previous three posts kind of lose's as if you weren't interested while writing had no soul. so all u need to do is write only when you want to...not otherwise...

Sanju said...

Thanks Shil. I guess herein lies the answer :-)

Anonymous said...

by the way why do non smokers or just left smoking behave like fanatics! Sanskrit sholkas say even amrita is excess becomes visha. Wonder if the converse is true ;)