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Nov 20, 2007

No Opposition.... Only Coalition!!!

It all started in that mid winter's day in Bangalore on my way to office. It was absolute ennui out of which this came. Now it’s the season of twenties, so to say. Be it the 20-20 World cup, 20-not so 20 governments etc.

My blog is 20 months old ;-) too. Happy!! You bet I am. Just like a lot can happen over coffee, a lot can change over 20 months. There I was thinking away on my way to work through the tranquility of Lalbagh on cozy afternoons and here I am gasping to catch some breath on the dreadful Hosur Road.
Quite an irony that the pause you take to breathe leaves you with an air of breathlessness. Running stronger is the lone choice available.

Isn't it the case with all our decisions, some leave you with the peace of mind and some tend towards it posing challenges on the way? Ranting too much ... ain’t I?

Talking about other things the state political drama just refuses to die down. It was this topic that formed the central plot of my first entry. And now when similar scenario has prevailed, I thought why not write about it.

The routes I take these days, my work, and personal life have all changed. But the state politics will never change. Stability is something I think the state will never enjoy more so until the kingpin maker HDD is around.

Political drama is selling more than the daily soaps. The way a news channel portrayed old Kannada classics on the episode was absolutely riotous. Imagine classics like “tu tu tu bedappa .. nanna sanga bandu solpa nillapa”, “neene saakida gini” etc., used to echo the state’s political turmoil.

Time can bring in a lot of changes with the common man’s life, but like always some things never change and political prospects in Karnataka is just that.



rj said...

you should write more often dude..

the heart, most of the times, is at the right place :D

Sanju said...

Try my best to write more often time's the constraint. :-(