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Jan 20, 2006

Under the helmet in Bangalore!!!

Blogger’s block even before I could start blogging!!! What a start I thought!
But, I had created the much vaunted login in the blogger site, the previous night and thus started thinking of writing … but what?

Thought process, they don’t come in that easily I thought. Thoughts do, but not of the caliber which can make your vocabulary resonate. Thus started my thinking amidst things like argument with a friend the previous night, why I thought I was right, how I would take this ahead, waiting for that all important SMS which never came etc.,
Thus past the night breaking into dawn with the 6’o clock alarm on the cell phone intended to keep up the visionary resolutions of the new year. Thanks to mom on whose insistence 7 became 6 for me and there I went jogging, the healthy ‘cooking oil’ ad which shows people running thinking of their favorite dishes like ‘butter chicken, alu-gobi’ creating traffic jams of thoughts in my mind.

Thus went on the time until 12.30 by when I finished my lunch and got moving to office still thinking about my to-be written blog. Waiting for the signal to turn green at Devegowda petrol bunk started to think about the most happening topic ‘Son [H.D. Kumaraswamy] defies father [H.D. Devegowda]’. Was thinking about how the congress government was going to be toppled by a person who could gel with people whom he thought about as the last people to be approached, in such crisis situations.

Then along came K.R. Road when I started to think about the blog again, when suddenly I came across the place where I had my tryst with the auto-rickshaw and had a broken wrist. Not for long, thinking about this painful phase I came to V.V Puram and group of really smart looking girls and guys from Jain College forcefully took hold of my thought and sight. Gosh!!! Times have really changed I thought after lecturing my sister in the morning on the kind of dress she wore.

Town hall’s vicinity brought in posters of spiritual leaders performing some yagna for the welfare of the Junta. Hmm… Whatever!!! My blog still waiting for a topic! The green light suddenly brought in honking as if there would be no tomorrow. And I moved on towards the next corner to catch three more signals in half a kilometer, biggest one being the Mysore bank circle. Notwithstanding all these signals my mind was continuously looking for things I could write about, simultaneously changing the gear to zip further when all of a sudden my good old friend the auto-rickshaw driver suddenly turned right as if he was mocking Schumacher driving an F1 race, making me hit brakes immediately to avoid any further breakages. We live life on such an edge; it really is a Danger zone I thought simultaneously singing this song from ‘Topgun’. Thus I zipped along the rest of the two miles saying to myself that being a roman in Rome is the best one can do. Reaching Khanija Bhavan I took my favorite 60 degree turn to hit basement two. Parking my bike and removing my helmet gave me a sensation which gave me the impetus to write.
This is typically how a 2-wheeler owner sees his day unfold in Bangalore under the Helmet. Smile is what that comes in writing this in my air-conditioned office.


shruts said...

hey sanj....great start.... ur writing kept me captivated. Even though its not the general route i take daily, the ambience generated by the contents of 'under the helmet' is makin me kinda miss bangalore,my bike and all of u...

Nan Jayaram said...
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Nan Jayaram said...

"Times have really changed" ?? You sound like a grandfather.. Sanju .. Interesting stuff.. Keep blogging ..

lookwhosback said...

yup. getting stuck in traffic sure does provide a lot of time for deep introspection. its is said that the graeatest of epics are written in the densest of traffic jams.

nice blog.update more frequently pliss

Anonymous said...

hmm...yet have a smile on.All I can say is Greattt !! You made a bike ride in Bangalore seem a havoc yet so very calm :)
So Typically you (slow rider) hehe .Very nice and Great beginning guy !!


Anonymous said...
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