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Dec 27, 2010

Movie: Manmadan Ambu

I should probably not call my posts about movies, 'reviews' anymore as most often than not, I end up writing only about movies I enjoyed watching. That said, I'm sure you have got a hint of what I'm going to talk about this one.

After a whole lot of nice tweets retweeted by @actormadhavan I made up my already sure mind to go ahead and watch this one. I would have missed this one for no reason, after failing to watching the tremendous Kamal Haasan -Madhavan chemistry in 'Anbae Sivam' on the big screen.

Shot across various regions of Europe including Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Venice, the movie is never short of fantastic locations and beautiful shots. I especially liked the flashback song featuring Kamal and his French wife  picturised very intricately. The whole concept of running through the memories chronologically is amazingly synchronized with the pictures on the screen. I also liked the way the plot progressed till the intermission which ends with a punch.While rest of the movie sequence post intermission sort of mellows down the drama and builds into a loud comedy, it is never out of order. 

Trisha is as beautiful as ever, but her role does not demand much of her acting prowess. I wonder if it's actually difficult to act drunk when sober, because if Maddy isn't drunk in half of the movie he has done an amazing job with it. Kamal makes the movie work. Enough said. Respect for the man.

Through the movie I was thinking Manmadan Ambu was actually Man(Mannar-Kamal) Madan(Madan-Maddy) and Ambu(Trisha). Only after reading online realized that Manmadan Ambu meant cupid's arrow if wikipedia is to be believed.

Before signing out "the cupid's arrow has struck this time right on target", says the cupid man....

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Nona said...

Clever derivation of the names to mean the cupid's arrow.. I say!

Haven't yet seen the movie! Thanks for the review

RGB said...

Wouldn't have guessed that the name of the movie meant "cupid's arrow'! But sounds like a movie worth watching :)