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Dec 19, 2010

Dil toh baccha hai Ji

After almost 10 years today I rode a bicycle. It was only for 15 mins but the nostalgia was unparallel.

More so because I got to ride the Hercules MtB, reminding me about the Atlas cycle that I inherited from my cousin which he got from my dad, who got it for his younger brother while he was in class tenth on beginning his professional career.

The pleasure in taking the cycle and peddling away to a nowhere of stupendous importance.

Hatching a plan to find that teenage crush's whereabouts,listening to the heart to go cross country in to the jungle, taking the sister on the saddle seat and what else not.

Why is it that the child in us ceases to exist? Why is it that we worry about living a life rather than just live it?

Little things that we drew energy from, is no longer seen. The human radar I guess keeps getting reprogrammed and takes us away from the child in us.

Need to start living. Dil toh aakhir baccha hai Ji....
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M S Banu Prakash Raje Urs said...

I feel the world around us doesnt care about such things and most of the times we too try to move along them..

Shweta said...
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