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Sep 15, 2010

A Hmmmm'ble capture

Very recently, captured this video in innovative film city. At the time, I became very contemplative about life, seeing the number of rounds the guys there managed to skate.

While I saw them rising everytime they fell, in life nowadays with so much we crave for, it is so important to only rise and keep rising. Because every fall means an additional step to strenghten the ground below.

But that said, its so very important to have those falls and learn from it by rising quicker and stronger.
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RGB said...

Those who win the race are those who are not afraid of falling, aye?!

Sanju said...

@ rgb, it's not abt being not afraid to fall, its abt being prepared to rise soon enough.

Madhu said...

I guess we fall only to stand may very well sound philosophical,but its not those who fall are the ones who fail..The ones who fail to get up after falling are the actual losers..

gaa* made sense i guess :P:D

Sanju said...

@madhu, I meant the same more or less...
Thanks for making it easy :)