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Aug 26, 2010

Saying Adieu in style

In our professional lives these days, seeing people leave the organization they work for is not really a big deal. People choose to leave different trails so to say while leaving, experience definitely helps me recollect from the whole lot of mails I've received and the two I've sent in this regard.

Some leave with a mail with full of gratitude that people reading it actually feel if the exiting employee was actually in the same company as they are. While there are others who offload a truckload of hate, disgust and frustration to all the readers while they leave. And then there are others who leave as though they want nobody to know they have left.

Recently I came across a fascinating kind, who in their own way signify their presence in their absence. These are people who with their positive outlook tend to believe that moving on, is an opportunity in the truest sense and possess a great belief that the change is for good. They might be completely wrong in their decision but at the end of the day nobody can belittle the positivity they create.
Farewell said she....
I post this picture of someone's creativity with the intent of only appreciating her(as i was told) thoughtful work of art which left a deep impression on me. Like always, its only my views.


Litha said...

Very nice!

Nona said...

Nice. :)

eyememyself said...

Oh nice!

Anonymous said...

actually worth a thought :)

Sanju said...

@Liths, Thank you :D

@Nona, Thanks :)

@eyemyself, Thanks maga :)

@Anon, hmmm... thoughful indeed :)